My life has become madden and bittrex, but whose complaining?steemCreated with Sketch.

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Lately all I have been doing is trading, playing madden and staying hydrated. It's fabulous!


Lol, that is awesome. I used to do a ton of day trading a few years ago from work when I had downtime. I actually started to get really good at it and was up 14k from my initial 2500 in less than a year. I started to get really cocky and greedy with my trades and went from making a few hundred bucks a day to risking more and more and taking larger positions. After having a couple of days where I made over 2k in single trades I made the mother of all stupid trades and lost over 7k in 2 days. It messed me up really bad and kept trading after that and losing money. In hindsight I should have taken a few days off then came back with a clear head. I ended up losing down to 5k then took it out and used it as part f the down payment on our new home. I want to start again and practice better discipline this time. You can make a ton of money trading crypto or stocks if you are disciplined and stick to your plan.

Haha. Ive got 2 monitors, one with World of Warcraft, and the other with Crypto charts =D Cheers!

haha excellent. what server do you play on? I haven't played in years. Once I get a new laptop I've been thinking of playing

My main characters are on Tichondrius. I just started leveling on Stormrage, as you get killed on site when playing on Tich.

Is that madden 17? do you play ultimate team??

18 the goat edition :P
just picked it up. courtesy of some positive trades!

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