BTC Crashing? LoL yeah... right.

in bitcoin •  3 years ago 

You know the price is more than likely going to go back up as soon as it dips... oh, there it goes, already climbing as I type this. It was at 465 on the low now it's crawling back up to 480's lmao-

oops.. make that 500
nope, 490...

oh wait.. 500

No, hold on... LMAO!! XD

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I almost panicked, as I had just sold about 1.5 btc worth of Steem before going out earlier this eve, came back and 20% had been wiped, I was like wtf!?

I'm calmer now :-)



I mean.. I'm in the shit myself as I bought in when the price was around 660 but it was specifically meant to go into another investment I wasn't going to hold onto it and now the value of my investment basically went to shit lol.. but whatever. The chances of the price picking back up is probably fairly good. And if not, ohwell. I'll just make up the difference somewhere else.

but it was insane watching it free-fall for a while huh! I go to check the chart just randomly and saw so much volume going in and out all at once, it was insane.

oh, and it's already back up in the 520's now lol. I love all the DOOM & GLOOM... c'mon guys, you really think something like greed is going to let btc die, psh... no. Though I will admit the panic was amusing.


and now it looks to be settled around 508 for the moment.. will it rise, will it FALL! Who knows...
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