An Introduction to Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Webinar

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A few weeks ago, I did a TV interview for the Australian ABC about the Bitcoin halving, blockchains, and use cases for the technology. It was my first time doing a TV interview, but it was actually really cool. 

One of the side effects of doing that was that a lot of people that I hadn't heard from in quite some time reached out to ask me questions about bitcoin. With halving behind us and the price staying so constant, people were starting to get interested in this asset as an investment. 

Because of this, I decided to hold a webinar, which I'll be doing tonight, where people can come and learn about bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, how the technology works, why it exists, and whether or not people should invest their money. 

I am not a financial advisor, but I have written about Bitcoin extensively for multiple publications (CoinDesk, Bitcoin Magazine, and my own Crypto Brief), so I figured that it might be a way that I can give back to people who are still unsure about everything. 

The reason I am posting this here is because SteemIt is the first exposure that many people have to cryptocurrencies. While it's true there are many bitcoiners here, the reality is that there are plenty of non-bitcoiners who don't really understand the space. So I wanted to invite anyone here to register and participate tonight. 

It's at 8PM EST, so I am hoping many people should be able to make it. Further, it's completely free, so you don't need to worry about paying. This is my way of helping people learn more about the space that they might be very new to. 

Register here.



"Bitcoin will do to banks what email did to the postal industry" - Rick Falkvinge

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