Right Now Top 10 Coins At CoinMarketCap!

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Hey Steemians, I hope you all are good. This weekend and everyone will have some plans with their friends and families. This is called a life.
Meanwhile crypto world is again going worst. BTC was at 7500 and within one week it is now at 6200, due to its ups and down various small investors are not happy and they are withdrawing their money in loss.
I think still there are some tactics in which you can earn money. Like if you see steem is up you sell it and invest in tether. And when steem again goes down you purchase it. By doing this you can earn not a big money but some money in this crucial time.
Here is latest stats of Top 10 coins at CoinMarketapp:


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Thanks for the article, thanks for sharing and keep up the great work!

Thanks sir! for sharing such good content..

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