LTC is Rallying! ETH (Current Price $339.91) Looks Ready To Follow....

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LTC is Rallying! ETH Looks Ready To Follow....

LTC (Litecoin) is currently breaking out, currently up over 19% for the day at $62.00.

So far the rally looks sustainable as more volume continues coming in. I expect LTC to hold these new levels above $55, and start sideways consolidation between a trading range of $55-$64ish. (Similar to previous trading ranges for LTC.)

ETH (Ethereum) is currently trading for $339.91, up just over 2% with low volume.

If volume comes in, I predict ETH will join the current LTC rally. 

ETH has some resistance around $344 and $360, but if it can get through these, it should be a clear and quick run back up to $400.

What are your thoughts?

Happy Trading!

Jason G

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