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In my (humble and under-educated) opinion, WAVES is a great wallet, iPhone app, and overall platform technology and philosophy. WAVES was launched in June of 2016 and lead by Sasha Ivanov (per Wikipedia).

The interesting idea, to me, is how easy it is create your own tokens on the WAVES. This allows users to pay all fees in WAVES, while still controlling the token value- for their needed purposes. This opens the blockchain to a host of small and medium businesses (SMBs) that otherwise would be excluded from the marketplace (by virtue of blockchain development costs, alone). Thus, instead of looking to be on the OTC markets (which it is)- it can be traded P2P within its own platform; and, thus keeping fees in-house (Bravo! Well done WAVES!!). It also helps keep the WAVES currency relevant, beyond the trade markets. 

Furthermore, there is a fixed supply of 100,000,000 WAVES available. Outside of the WAVES, there are WCT (Waves Community Tokens) that are provided for maintaining a WAVES balance, in your wallet. This dividend is used to encourage long-term holding (similar to miner rewards offered as, Miners Reward Tokens).

Price of WAVES: 0.00089000 BTC (approx. $16.28 USD)

Disclaimer: This information is for educational purposes only. Invest at your own risk.

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