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Ada Cryptocurrency is part of a large entity known as Cardano. Cardano began in 2015 as an open source platform, from IOHK (Input Output Hong Kong) including Charles Hoskinson- one of Ethereum's earliest developers.

In the ethos of Ethereum (and NEO), the platform can execute decentralized apps and Smart Contracts. The team is looking to solve a lot of the scalability issues by:

  • Creating more layers to allow for easier maintenance (i.e. soft forks)
  • Infinite amount on Ada currency
  • Utilizing network fees, based on volume

In conclusion, this is a pretty neat cryptocurrency. I like the fact it's supported by one of the original Ethereum developers. Some articles ( cite this as "Japan's Ethereum/Neo". I'm not sure I would go that far (yet)... I'll definitely be purchasing some ADA for my own portfolio.

Price of ADA: 0.00003060 BTC (approx. $0.55 USD)

Disclaimer: This information is for educational purposes only. Invest at your own risk.

Let me know what you think???

Love you Guys!


Well, I've been enjoying the rise #ToTheMoon on ADA.