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Sometimes right before bed fear consumes me. I feel like I’m staring at the abyss. My mind is in hyper drive and I’m thinking what is going to happen tomorrow. Will my world change for the worse? I feel like I’m falling. Will my feet ever reach solid ground again or will I keep slipping into a very, very dark place and be totally consumed. Will I get stuck on a ledge while falling and just burn there for eternity.

In our new and shiny science fiction world 1000 cuts will slowly destroy people’s lives. One day you might just wake up and be ruined. I see it online all the time with people desperate for assistance after a string of bad life events. This is what drives people to suicide. I predict in the future suicide booths could be quite popular.

Roger Ver says babies are dying because people don’t have access to sound money aka Bitcoin BCH. This is completely true especially in countries where inflation is out of control. For example, in Venezuela, the local currency has become completely worthless. People are better off bartering with things like toilet paper than attempting to buy stuff with the local currency. It’s getting very scary. I pray for these people and others and try to assist with philanthropy locally. You know give someone a little extra edge to stand on.

The hedge to all of this chaos in my opinion is Bitcoin BCH. If you are smart and back the truck up, you may just be able to hold on for dear life while the world is consumed by technology. If you can’t do this then try to grow the crypto ecosystem. Maybe you will be able to hedge yourself in this manner.

This brings up another good point which is that being unconscious; spiritually speaking will catch up with you in the end. Based on my research, Karma is real and if you don’t enter the present moment and let go of generations of past pain, you might just start your next life as a grain of sand rather than a bigger entity. If you don’t believe me, just search for Karma and do your own research. I predict that some people will wake up one day so spiritually bankrupt that they will decide suicide is the best option.

All I want right now is to be introspective, change the world and for my Bitcoin BCH to go to the moon. Is that so much to ask for? - This website is for sale! btc usd Resources and Information.

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