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One of the harshest critics of Bitcoin in Norway, Stig Myrseth, just became CEO in Kryptovault. Impressive flip-flopping!

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Cryptocurrency mining and data center services
KryptoVault is a Norwegian company that specializes in large scale cryptocurrency mining and data center operations. Our services consists of providing, installing, hosting, and maintaining hardware. Clients are welcome to reserve space and power at our current and upcoming facilities. KryptoVault facilities are powered with green and clean Norwegian energy sources from hydro-, and wind-powered turbines.

I do not really write this post to ridicule him, because it is ok to change one’s mind, but I nevertheless find it important to document his lack of knowledge about digital assets while pretending to be an expert.
Personally, I do not consider myself an expert on digital assets at all. I am mostly in this space to learn, have fun and be ahead of the curve.

Perhaps I gave him a push in the right direction.

The Bitcoin price was 3763 USD 18.09.2017 btw.


Autum crash in digital currencies

Posted by Stig Myrseth on Mon, 18/09/2017 - 05:38
Chinese authorities are now declining sales of digital currencies, which has triggered sales volatility and sharp fall in prices.

The total value of the three largest crypto currencies, Bitcoin, Etherum and Bitcoin Cash, is currently around $ 70 billion. Including all other digital currencies, the figure increases to 120 billion.

This is no insignificant sum as it corresponds to two percent of the value of all coins and notes in circulation in the world.

There are today a large number of digital currencies all based on the same basic technology, the blockchain. The advantage of this is that the development in the outstanding money supply can not be changed along the way. Everything is determined in advance by algorithms. For example, there can never be more than 21 million Bitcoins in circulation.

Furthermore, digital currencies can not be falsified. Secondly, free transfers are possible. Finally, they offer full anonymity.

Because of these unique features, there is no doubt that blockchain has a bright future. The technology may revolutionize both banking and capital markets.

Positive demand elasticity
In all bubbles it is a core of truth. Consideration about the underlying technology is an important reason for the interest in digital currencies.

Furthermore, there is often a positive demand elasticity in markets dominated by unprofessional investors. This means that price increases generate more buying interest which leads to further growth.

My guess is that the positive demand elasticity coupled with blockchain enthusiasm has led to a giant bubble in cryptic currencies, largely driven by Chinese speculators.

A characteristic of a successful currency is that it can be used for the purchase of goods and services. While Bitcoin was accepted in five of the five hundred largest online stores in the United States a year ago, the number is now down in three, and probably we will soon be null. The reason is that banks are becoming increasingly skeptical of having anything with digital currencies to do.

Most of the transactions in the Bitcoin market are today between speculators and no payment for the purchase of goods and services in the legal economy.

Supports crime
Where digital currencies have got a solid foothold as a means of payment, they are in the illegal economy. This is not just because transactions are impossible to track. Another advantage is that it is difficult for the police to seize them if you are arrested.

Here, it can be mentioned that Bitcoin is now the preferred remedy on the "dark internet" where drugs, weapons and other illegal products are traded. Digital currencies are also used for money laundering.

Because of the close link between crime and crypto currencies, it's only a matter of time before the government hits them. Several countries will follow China.

The future in digital currencies is not Bitcoin or Ethereum, but central bank sponsored or government-approved currencies. These will certainly not offer anonymity, but that's not just a disadvantage.

For example, theft through hacking could easily be recovered. Today there is no way to get back stolen Bitcoins.

My comment:

Suddenly Stig Myrseth became a Bitcoin expert: Jumping after Jamie Dimon in other words.
Well, BTC might be in a 'bubble' for everything I know, but seems like you are here drawing some logical errors.
"The future in digital currencies is not Bitcoin or Etherum, but central bank sponsored or government-approved currencies". Do you have any sources of this or is it something you've been philosophizing?
The point is that these are antifragile and decentralized systems that strengthen under stress (the network effect is getting stronger) as opposed to fragile and centralized systems (fractional reserve banking and fiat currency) that must be "saved" on a regular basis at high cost to society and with ever increasing debt burden. What about the internet, is it still a bubble? I can partly agree with you that blockchain technology can be disruptive and revolutionary in a number of industries, without the Bitcoin price necessarily going to heaven. How much X value is created is an independent variable from how many Y% of X value is captured. Ethereum is by far most used as a technology for making 'smart contracts' and is not used that much as currency. For example, the Kik app, which are used by 40% of American teenagers, has recently made its own token, Kin, on Ethereum. Full anonymity is also wrong, except for Monero and some other examples. Unprofessional Investors: I suppose that you mean 'professional investor' in the legal sense. There are more and more professional investors in the crypto currency. Most of the world's crime is happening in US dollars, the use of BTC by criminals is rapidly declining. Criminals are often quickest out using new technology. There is no argument per se against Bitcoin! By the way wrote this about BTC and antifragility: Bitcoin Is Antifragile: It Gains From Disorder. You might have a look at it:)

Thank you for your time and attention. Steem on!

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Great post. There will be more flip flappers in crypto each day.I have been accumulating ETH recently at around $380.00, which is already making a profit. However I’m long therm investor so it’s only psychological help. Believe it or not, I was thinking about you today. I took those today at botanical garden. They keep them inside the cage for whatever reason.
Look at these pics and you will know what I mean.


Congrats with your profit. Nice dove too:)


Pigeon!!! lol 😂


Congratulations with your pigeon! Nice dove too 😂

I think there is at least a nugget of truth in this - still:

A characteristic of a successful currency is that it can be used for the purchase of goods and services. While Bitcoin was accepted in five of the five hundred largest online stores in the United States a year ago, the number is now down in three, and probably we will soon be null. The reason is that banks are becoming increasingly skeptical of having anything with digital currencies to do.

Most of the transactions in the Bitcoin market are today between speculators and no payment for the purchase of goods and services in the legal economy.

While the value of crypto currencies has increased a lot, I'm quite disappointed with the adoption of crypto currencies as a means of payment for non-illicit goods and services

(giving myself a humble 1% upvote for increased visibility)


Agreed. BTC is still so immature that people are mostly accumulating it (HODL). If we reach a critical mass of HODLers I assume we will see it be used more as a means of payment for non-illicit goods and services. I have used BTC to by gold and silver (from APMEX), which is the oldest forms of money known to man.
BTC is working fine as a currency inside that crypto space.It could be debated what BTC really is. Is it 'money'? Is it property rights to digital scarcity? Is for example Steem a currency, digital right to digtal scarcity or a preference share (that gives dividends) or perhaps a tribrid of all three? I doubt BTC can be analyzed​ from a fiat perspective (when will all people by coffee with BTC etc).


The ability to buy coffee using crypto-currencies has been part of the vision from day one - though unfortunately I believe the crypto community has been set back with several years over the schism and disagreements on how to get there (with "bitcoin cash", "lighting network" and "redesigned alt-coins" being the three different directions)

Dr just avoid these buggers :D They don't know anything, but pretending as they know! I am not concerning their discussions anymore! People who got the real idea (People like you do) knows what will happen next!



Thanks for the support​:)

If you think about it, this isnt necceserally a flipflop. As the company dont take earnings in cryptos, infact they dont really ned to deal in cryptos at all. As they provice database services and lend out mining equipment that can all be charged for in fiat.
So for all we know they may see this as a way to "earn some money of the stupid crypto people as long as there is attention on it".

Not that I agree with that stance ofc, because there is real use cases for cryptos that is alreaddy being used for its intended purpus, and yes its disruptove, but only to the criminals that call themselves authoritys.

And for that matter, any new technology that enteres the market that is better then what exist, is disruptive to that older technology. So its kindof a mute point to say "its disruptive". unless you are agains technological and sociatal progress.

Independant alternative media is disruptive to mainstream media. The car was disruptive to horse caridges. CD's and DVD's was disruptive to mgnetic tape media. But when new developments is being disruptive to large centralised systems, then its suddely "bad".


I have to assume that he has some kind of moral code he lives by. I will, therefore, find it likely that he now sees BTC as something valuable to society (i.e. growing), so that is worth working for a company that makes/ mines BTC. It is possible, but I doubt it, that he has such a short-term and unethical intention as you suggest ("earn some money off the stupid crypto people as long as there is attention to it").

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

If bitcoin is a bubble then it is the only bubble in the world whose life cycle is infinity. It will never burst and rather it will give birth to some new bubbles from time to time.


Bitcoin: The eternal bubble.

excellent...see my latest on the markets..thanks..

I‘m so sick and tired of seeing „traders“ flip flopping on #btc. For each little movement: „Bear market! Bull Market“ I think they themselves don‘t know what they‘re talking about.

Lots of people try to act as experts. Due to the high fluctuation market place it's 50% 50% chance to see the success of their stories.~

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muy bien

even though it is bubble its better : )

I think it's also important to keep track of which crypto related companies/coins/exchanges etc have been trained by centralised people and companies.

I am now creating a list every time I see something like that happen e.g. the purchase of Poloniex. I'll be avoiding using those coins/services/companies.

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m reading your post :) its good
thanks for sharing @janusface