How I Got Over $1,000 Of FREE Bitcoin This Year

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I have been writing about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency since 2012. In addition to the money that I have made on my own portfolio (I own 27 cryptocurrencies now), I have discovered an incredible way to get free Bitcoin! Coinbase has a referral program that pays $10 in Bitcoin for every new account that you refer (that buys at least $100 of Bitcoin). The person that uses your referral link also gets $10 in bonus Bitcoin as well. At first, when I shared my referral link I got virtually no response, then I tried something a little different.

Rather than sharing my affiliate link or expecting people to remember it (or click on a funny looking link), I purchased the domain BitcoinBonus.US. I have this domain forwarded to my Coinbase referral link. Forwarding a domain is very simple to do inside the dashboard of the account you have with your domain provider. Next, I simply post the following message on my various Facebook pages.


I find the white text on red background is most effective. I post this just one or two times per week and the free Bitcoin rolls in like clockwork.

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damn good job

That is some smart thinking mate!

Will be posting my tips aswell soon.

Well this just sounds too easy! (how many times have I heard that or even said it myself?) - thanks for the idea !


Yes, sometimes that is why things work :) It keeps working for me over and over again, I am very happy to have figured this out through trial and error.

This is an interesting method. I have coinbase and tried promoting but not getting much result.

This idea was actually very easy and simple, didn't expect that. Well done.

Great ideea!