Crypto Journey: Time to move from Bittrex and Coinbase

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After studying Crypto for around 3 years (Bitcoin was $500 back then, my dad and I would be riding around London looking for Bitcoin ATM machines, that was fun), I decided not just to be a fanboy of the technology but I thought I'd finally like most put my money where my mouth is.

So of November 2017 I finally bought a small amount to trade with and subsequently documented most of my activities on Steemit. Like most I began with a Coinbase account and one Exchange (Bittrex), things had been going well but as you get more into it and more confident and knowledgable of the currencies an evolution naturally happens.

One thing I learned is that if you hold Neo is that you get gas, but NOT if you hold it on an exchange (they get the gas). So I thought I'd open a separate Neo wallet to collect Gas as I'm holding Neo for the long term but this is the state of Bittrex.

Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 09.15.17.png

The Neo Wallet is constantly under maintenance, which means I can't buy more and more importantly I can't move it to a dedicated Neo wallet, my conspiracy side things Bittrex do this on purpose to keep that gas.

Coinbase is very convenient and user friendly but the fees are high and I don't like that there seems tone no competition. Enter ANXpro, suggested by Jon Sniesen of WAM.

Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 09.28.48.png

Lastly in an evolution where you want more control and to be able to buy ICOs (EOS mainly the only ICO that is only crypto I have faith in the long term) so I opened myetherwallet and got various other dedicated wallets, not as convent but in the decentralised world you'll have to take more responsibility.

My new favourite exchanges are Bitshares and Binance.

Hope that helps people in the same position who are new to the crypto investing game.


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Binance credit the Neo Gas so no more faffing

That’s great to know, I’m still a sucker for convenience if I can

Thanks, interesting.

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