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🤓Volumes Surge on Turkey's Crypto Exchanges as Lira Tanks
🤓Report: Facebook Denies Partnership With Stellar
🤓VeChain (VEN) Token Swap On Mobile Wallet Ongoing And A Betting DApp Chooses The Platform
🤓Crypto Unicorn Bitmain Weighs $18 Billion IPO, One of World's Largest



Bitcoin ratio hits 50%, the average drawdown of the top 50 coins on coinmarketcap, peak to through is 82.7% in USD.50-55 would reset the move to 420 completely. Assuming BTC does what I think it'll do... LTC should reach 1800-2400 when BTC goes for 90-100k at some point this year or early 2019. People are saying 50k...

1W inverted chart looks very bearish. We might get a mini bounce here but it will only continue going down. Stoch RSI on 1W has just crossed over.As long as daily price does not close BELOW $6,020 and we continue to stay trading ABOVE the blue downtrend line from December.

I'm surprised at how small that wave-4 was. Looks like price can still drop to 5900-5600 range.

  1. price breaks up and over the down trend line
  2. price comes back down and retest the down trend line
  3. a high percentage play that price will bounce off the trend line and explode to the upside*

I hope btc will go moon

I hope it will come true!!!

Money changes people, removes sadness of life

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I don't know when btc again go to moon

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i think bitcoin increasing 60% in August

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