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There's a saying in Crypto, "What goes Moon, must get Rekt. And what gets Rekt shall Moon!" Good news is, everything is Rekt. HODL on.


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In general everything is still in a bearish trend. The only real exception is NEO and Bitcoin at the moment. At any given moment Bitcoin could resume it's overall technical bearish trend, despite a continuous influx of bullish news. It is an interesting time, a quiet before the storm. Steem's presence continues to reach every corner of the internet including #Crypto Twitter. Even the one and only @the-bitcoin-dood has joined the #steemexperience. I highly suggest following The Bitcoin Dood for regular updates on all things blockchain.

So what's my method here with these HODL Charts? Well the more I learn, the more i try to K.I.S.S. ( Keep It Simple Steemy) From time to time I will check the Moving Averages, those squiggly lines that tell you what the average price is doing. But now I tend to keep an eye on candle structure, trends, the MacD indicator, and Historical Support & Resistance zones.

Hashtag, this is #NotFinancialAdvice. But all of this is to give you an indication as to where price is hanging out before continuing a long term bullish future for Bitcoin and Altcoins. I'm not sure why Neo is so resilient, then again, it's China. Zclassic? Not like we didn't see that coming. But most importantly STEEM and SBD is at a supportive level that is giving us all a chance to load up on some affordable STEEM. HODL on homies. HODL on.

ZClassic . ZCL

Bitcoin . BTC




Bitshare . BTS


Litecoin . LTC

Ethereum . ETH

Cardano . ADA




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You are my market guru.

I humbly do my best and can only hope it helps.

Excellent article. Although that SBD chart makes me depressed :(

It's a great time to participate in steem. The more your rewards, the more sbd and steem is worth tomorrow.

Thank you for our witness vote (steem-bounty).

Following you and look forward to your work!

You are welcome. Wishing you the best. Thanks for doing what you do as a witness.

HODL! alt-coins im holding - DTA, THETA, NAS, EOS, ETH, & STEEM.

Bitcoin may continue the uptrend as the chart.

This charts are way too dependent on Bitcoin to be taken seriously. If Bitcoin breaks through everything will be bullish. I do not see how TA could give us proper indications in a period when Bitcoin is about to breakout.

Yes. I mention that in the video. Bitcoin is 40% market dominance. Hence, where Bitcoin goes, all else will follow. BUT, if Bitcoin finds a range, then the Alts will have an opportunity to fluctuate again.

Thanks for the info and statements.
Nice opening quotes/statement too.
Much to be observed in 2018.

Being only about 2 months into steemit & crypto I don't Know much yet but your charts and video are helpful.

Nice overview, thanks for sharing!

Your post are awesome sir

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