The Crypto Space

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The Crypto Space

What is the evolution of the internet? What is the next step for man kind? What is that innovation that will free the people from political/economical control? How do we make the system "fair", rather then corrupt? Its all very tricky. Im exhausted from thinking about it. Truly. Our world slowly turns and we all watch it spin with the wish to make a change or an addition to mankind because we dream of a different world we live in.
Crypto isn't about making money (or losing it :D) its about its future implications and how it can better the people of the world as a whole....

Recently I was thinking about how much wealth we as citizens/slaves give up just in the process of money transactions... Every time I use paypal... every time I use my master card... every time I get cash out the atm... plus don't forget the penny you dropped when you pulled the $5 bill out your pocket... Its crazy. Seems to me there won't be any money left by 2020 just because of F-ing transaction fees. How ridiculous.

What else does crypto do? You know besides cutting how the 3rd party? Besides letting the bad guys win?
Crypto gives you a piece of the pie. Crypto says "Hey you own some of the blockchain" "You cannot be f%^&'ed with" ...

The space offers a whole new opportunity for websites, start-ups, and dapps. When will the first crypto based media player launch? Or will youtube run in the race and implement crypto before someone jumps on the idea? It should be interesting...

Crypto is fascinating. To me, its like every coin has its own super power. "Steem" makes you money for blogging, "Bitshares" gives you free "Peerplay", "Peerplays" will pay out annually, "Counterparty" let you design your own crypto through its platform.. and so on and so forth. Its endless.

When though? When will the space be adopted by millions and even by pop culture? When will the space be a part of everyday society? Its hard to tell but one thing is for sure our community is strong and I love crypto.