What is RaiBlocks and is it replacing Bitcoin? Programmer explains.

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RaiBlocks has gotten a lot of attention recently and the RaiBlocks price has sky rocketed. Many people are curious about what RaiBlocks is and how RaiBlocks is different from Bitcoin. This is exactly what we're going to talk about today! Also, will RaiBlocks replace Bitcoin? In a fight Bitcoin vs RaiBlocks - who would win?

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Ivan on Tech by Ivan Liljeqvist

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Could you elaborate a bit more on how the DPoS protocol works in relation to resolving disputes? How would you get a voted member's attention when there is an issue?

Thanks again for the informative video.

Will it replace bitcoin? Lol

As usual, a great explanation :)

Sounds and looks similar to Hashgraph. My main concern is potential centralization in DPoS. Or maybe controlled opposition as is the case with electing congress. Will there be term limits?

Wow!! I like this project. The block-lattice structure really sounds like a great idea. I'm going to look deeper into this project. I'm sure there is some challenges with this technology but seems very promising to me. Great video!!!

Sorry to be a little off topic, but I have an importan question:
Why we cant pay the Blockchain Academy with crypto?
I hope this message reaches you

This is good to start Ivan, but how does one purchase RaiBlocks?

Seems to be another great competitor to BTC. As you say there are lots of superior alternatives to Bitcoin. With this fairly low market cap Ì could see Raiblocks in the thousands at some point if they stand the test of time. Bitcoin is the best tested and most trusted network with tons of great developers. Nevertheless, great explanation. Thank you!

Can you say anything about the tradeoffs between decentralisation, security and scalability with regards to Raiblocks?

I've been watching it go up. It seems like most alt coins are going up but there's only a little bit of money to go around you know?


I think it’s gonna go on Binance at a perfect time. A lot of other coins pumped pretty hard today, so people might be looking to take their profits and invest.

Good post, I am a photographer, it passes for my blog and sees my content, I hope that it should be of your taste, you have my vote :D greetings

So this is not totally decentrialized? Seems like a half baked idea. Who are the transactions verified by?

Raiblocks and Bitcoin are not the same thing. Raiblocks will never replace Bitcoin because it is more centralized by design to make transactions faster.

Today the RaiBlocks are not up. There Down -13.95% in compaire by Bitcoin...
and down 5 points against the USD.

I have gained interest in the XEM coin on the NEM Smart Asset Blockchain. I think is underrated. With technical expertise, what say ye on this subject. I have a blog with my opinion. Have a read please: https://steemit.com/nem/@yomaicoin/nem-blockchain-already-growing-with-the-xem-coin

Voted up and following. Thanks for your article.

Amazing Ivan, Thanks.
So gradually the different chains are manifesting themselves.
So which one is the one?
The Blockchain?
The only thing is, the stakeholders are human beings with their own interests, giving stakeholders decision power means that it become some sort of centralized systems.
Walking in circles in the Samsara world...

great info as always, thanks for your time and congrats for ur work! ;)

Great Video, will watch one more time :)

Thank you Ivan, or should I say tack så mycket :-) As always, very interesting news! May I ask you about Steemit and SMT ? DO you like the model behind it?

Good balanced commentary. Have you seen crypto investor's and datadash's videos on Raiblocks? Which one of them do you think got it more right?

@ivanli - Raiblocks is one of my biggest misses ever - spotted it a week ago at $12 and was keen on getting onboard but since it wasn't on the mainstream exchanges, thought of waiting till it came to Binance and then it just took off.... I think one of the biggest advantages of Raiblocks is that it can process 7000 transaction per second - completely dwarfs not jut bitcoin but most other cryptocurrencies whose primary use case is as an alt currency.

Finally a great in depth video about RaiBlocks! If crypto is the future i don’t see how XRB can’t succeed. Unlike a lot of the top coins RaiBlocks actually has a working product and they do what they do very well. And it’s most of the things that Bitcoin should have been, or evolved to. Can it be the next Bitcoin? Well that’s to be seen, but if you stack them up, RaiBlocks is better in most aspects. It just doesn’t have the name brand. I took out a position on XRB also because i believe in the product and actually have used it. I also think if it’s adopted and we can funnel fiat to it like we do BTC, ETH, and LTC, it’s gonna take off and the sky is the limit. I’m expecting huge things once it gets on Binance. It still amazes me how much it has grown on two unheard of exchanges. Thanks again for the video.

Thank you for explaining the raiblocks blockchain lattice structure. It is interesting to compare it to non blockchain lattice structures and wonder why it took so long for a decentralised network to be created at such scale.

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Wow Ivan!

I have been watching you on Youtube a lot, I didn't expect to find you on Steemit too!

Youre doing such a great job! Im hoping to follow in your foot steps, although I am a writer on cryptocurrency, rather than a vlogger. Well done and keep up the good work.

Happy 2018

I love your content, as a novice programmer I find that your explanations help me understand a lot more about how various coins operate behind the scenes. Keep up the good work!