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Good Morning Crypto! Today we are discussing Walton Controversy, Bitcoin Politicians, Kazakhstan Bitcoin on FIRE. Bring your coffee and let's get into it!







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Thank you for this effort. I want to get my e-book @ivanli ♥♥
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Great work ❤️ "in Kazakhstan has surged fifteen-fold this year " 💪🏻
thank you for sharing that @ivanli
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You are spot on when you say that people should develop their own critical thinking when it come s to crypto. People should learn from investors and traders about things like technical analysis but not follow them like lemmings. In crypto I think you also have to have a basic understanding of the technology so that you can differente the good projects from the 80 % of projects that will fail. That is where i find this channel really useful.

Hi Ivan !

Thanks a lot for the news update. I was busy today but 20 minutes a day help me to keep up to date. 👍

What a fail from Walton. Hahahaha

Same goes with iran i think. They consider producing their own crypto controlled by the government

in these few days bitcoin has started up, success for @ivanli

damn thats a big news .. well always bring something new ... keep it up bro

Every single claim in that bitcointalk thread has been debunked to a point where said claims are even laughable, yet the creator of that thread still insists Walton is a scam. What can I say, some people choose to be blind to all the undeniable evidence right before their eyes.
The interest in cryptocurrency in Kazakhstan has surged fifteen-fold this year, compared to the previous year.
Well you always keep us updated about crypto, that's a nice work, keep posting such stuff, thank you.

A study by Yandex, a multinational corporation for Internet services, showed that Kazakhstanis have been searching for a variety cryptocurrency-related terms in frequency and amount several times higher this year as compared to 2017...

Some say it's legitimate and some say it's scam..Who knows.Waltonchain crypto employs next-generation RFID technology to track items. This helps to improve the supply chain management, gathering of huge date and retail stock management. Walton developers intend to make small and affordable RFID tags that can be used to tag items such as clothing.

its really nice to see your hard work daily and get some very great and interesting information through your posts ... <3

great way of transferring knowledge! yaah the next generation of politic is crypto ! great way to learning knowledge from you!

Awesome work as always

It is true that in upcoming years people are gonna accept cryptocurrecy everywhere wether it may be about general studies or buying things ...it will effect the whole
It is true ..twitter helps alot....it keeps always updating tge whole system of users

There are quite a number of reservations when it comes to Walton crypto. This is especially because the price is shooting through the roof without any clear explanation. This scenario didn’t happen, at least to a majority of cryptos like. It is a strong crypto whose founders are in the Far East and it seems to be on a roll. While the rest of the crypto market is having a tough time including Bitcoin, WTC seems to be one among the few which are having a really good ride. This is despite all fundamental factors affecting other cryptos also applying to WTC. It would be wise to research some more on the crypto before buying or just wait it out and see where it will be in a few weeks.

Surely the next generation of politicians will be biggest crypto advocates..

@ivanli: Here's a good resource if you want to do a bitcoin outputs analysis instead of number of transactions. Not my website, but I do find it useful.

So great news sir..😍😍😍
bitcoin is awesome✌😍✌
thanks sir for sharing👍

restreem and upvoted ... nice video man ...you are going good

That's actually really interesting point you mentioned about weekends Ivan, as the technology and work environment shifts more and more the difference between weekends and weekdays may become less significant, the majority is definitely going to be around 9-5 work for decades, but an interesting point nonetheless! :]

Thank you for the news. Regarding politicians accepting bitcoin though, I don't think the issue is their age. It is power and nothing less. Why would the country that has more than 800 military bases around the world give up the dollar and start trading petrol and other commodities in bitcoin? The core of the US financial power is the dollar and these bases around the world are to protect the status quo - the petrodollar. More than 60% of the world trade is done in dollars (or a very similar percentage) and I don't see it changing anytime soon, unless there is a huge economic crisis, a new world war, or both. But I can't see what the US has to gain if she just gives up the dollar and self-destroys the world order that she created after the end of World War 2. Unfortunately, bitcoin so far is just a speculative asset and, in my opinion, only a huge cataclysm could change it status.

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I am a walton coin holder and its so disappoint8ng hearing all that bad news.

Some believe bitcoin is legal while others believe it is a scam. But it for sure is gaining hype among the masses and could no sooner end up a new way of politics.

Ivan, great job as usual!

"Thank God it's Monday" (Ivan on Tech)

Thanks for sharing that! Glad I do not have Walton...

Walton is going to revolutionize the supply chain. No big logistic company would ever care about some screwed up valentines day promotion. Buy the dip!