Too late to invest in Bitcoin? Follow up. Programmer explains.

in #bitcoin4 years ago

Bitcoin has gone from 3000 to 6000 dollars since the first video I made on this topic. Today I continue the discussion on that topic and explore what might cause a short term crash. Do you agree with my points?

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I invested some in bitcoin but I already cashed it out. Lol.
Great infos. 🙂

Great topic Ivan

I saw the first one directly on YouTube lol. Good video, appreciate the insight!

I think segwit2x might bring some FUD next month too. As a software dev, I'm starting to accept crypto for my business. I think at some point I may stop using credit card companies and do away with USD completely. Crypto is so much more natural for internet commerce.

Nice Video! Thanks for explaining the short-term crash.

Hard to know what to do but $6000 intro price is probably really intimidating to most

We are the next rich generation. This is just the begining.

@ivanli I am one of those that feels way it is too late to invest in Bitcoin esp now that it has gone so high. But from your explanation, I am good to go.
I have to keep tap on your subsequent posts.

"Late" is subjective in this case because, people have different goals and holding periods, etc.

Comparing BTC and the Cryptomarket to other markets shows that BTC is still in it's infancy. Think of it as 1998 of the .com boom. Well, dont actually, decide for yourself. Thats how i picture it though. Maybe even earlier... All in all however, with a holding period for 1+ years and you will most likely make money. A lot of upside potential. Also alot of volitility in between lol. GL.

It's too late to invest in Bitcoins...
It's too late to invest in stocks...
It's too late to invest in education...
It's too late to invest in a family...

Stop being late and start it.
If you are too late, probably you will see. But if you do nothing you will say 'it's to late... to late to life...'

Awesome Post, Keep it up!

Is there any chance to make bitcoin obsolete

Hey Ivan! I really like your videos so I decided to make you the star of my latest pull request:

Actually it wasn't on purpose but... I always wanted to say thank you for your videos so this seems to be the right occasion... :D

But I have to admit that your smile in the cover image is a little bit... well... just don't look at children this way. xD

It's never too late if you are willing to hodl (:

Wow, Your Post is Awesum, Thnx for sharing :)

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Im looking at the Bitconnect ponzi scam to come crashing down.

I think this will send shockwaves through the whole marketcap. At which point ill be ready to BUY and HODL even more crypto!

Don't tell Trevon James! ;)

Great video @ivanli. I always watch your videos and learn quite a lot from it. Thank you for your information. It really helps people like me. Keep sharing such videos.

I suppose someday the value of a crytocurrency in dollars, or any fiat, will be irrelevant, people will just do business directly in crypto, skipping dollars.

Good post Ivan! Yes, there may be some event or series of events that will have a negative impact on the price of Bitcoin. I view those diminished prices to be excellent buying opportunities, as will others. So the price will rise once again as time goes on and as the negative event fades into history.

if someone he want to help this association you can see this video.

they've account under the video.
Honestly! They deserve our help.

Good food for thought! What are your feelings about the theory that Hal Finney (1956-2014) was Satoshi? Either I personally speculate he tied up a large amount of bitcoin before he died.
also Wallets like Exodus are becoming way more user-friendly so getting off an exchange has never been easier.

Dollar cost averaging is one of the best strategies you can implement... and it's ridiculously easy. If you are looking towards the long term but feel the itch to be technical in your entries, just dollar cost average.

It´s true men...thank u!

its never to late, yeah go for it

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