Do you REALLY understand Bitcoin Stale Blocks? Programmer explains.

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Bitcoin price has really exploded the past few months. This brings more and more new people into this field. Today we discuss the concept of stale blocks. You may hear this concept discussed in technical debates and it's good to know what people mean when they say stale or sometimes orphan blocks.

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Ivan on Tech by Ivan Liljeqvist


Great video Ivan, thanks.

Nice Information I Will Surely Try To Join in It !!
is There Any other things Which you Will Explore More I means The More !!

Great video, so hard at the beginning understand all of crypto world!

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Amazing! informative video I like this and your work on blog, Great job keep it up @ivanli thanks.

Hi @ivanli,

First of all i must tell you i am new addition to this beautiful world #steemit. Secondly i would like to say that your way of writing is exceptionally odd in a very positive way. It always attracts the readers and so it did with me.

You are introducing a new term Stale Blocks in a very systematic way.

Keep sharing such excellent things in the form of your supreme knowledge.

Stay Blessed and wish you a very very Happy New Year in Advance :)))

Informative and helpful video and those eyes... wow. :)

Good job buddy. We really appreciate it.

One day blockchain tech will be something we just understand, like basic math, but for now its a foreign language to many, myself included and I have been in crypto for a couple months and reading, listening and learning every single day but still... it takes time.

Thanks again

Thanks for the info. The overview of stale and orphan blocks was helpful..

Keep up the good work!

that's a good video on an excellent topic. great job

Great information bro ,, thank you so much for this video , i always wanted to know more about these terms

In a common rejoinder: HELLZ NO ! (-:

Actually you say that a very important thing is very important to say that bitcoin does not really hear such kind of rational arguments, we do not understand that you speak beautifully and you have presented it with logic, it really is very important to me and it seems very useful for Bitcoin There are several types of people who have some people on their side that some people are against him But I did not understand anything from the middle of it but I have found a lot of problems from you. I think your video needs to be seen by everyone who likes bitcoin Bitcoin loves to communicate with or interact with bitcoin, your question and what is your I think it is very urgent that I do not know who is important to you, but your comment Very important to me in a low and a lot of useful experience, I appreciate you, and I will be with you always

Great video and info. Re-steemed and followed

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a very great post.
but I would like to ask, what do you think about the decline in bitcoin prices this end. and how your prediction about bitcoin price in 2018, whether it is getting down or vice versa.
What is your opinion?

Bitcoin is a shitcoin now. Ethereum will takeover bitcoin soon if nothing is done about high fees. Dash and litecoin is also much better alternatives.

I agree. I have to pay $25 to transfer $100 worth of Bitcoin! WTF?
Ethereum and Lictoin are so much better and have normal fees.

Great video, upvote and follow :)

Thanks for sharing, thumbs up!

Awesome video,@ivanli i like this thanks for sharing us please.upvote my post also.😊

İvan nice information thank you, keep on the good work

I still don't understand it, but I am willing to learn.

very good video. great educational work which you are doing! :)

Amazing post @ivanli thanks for sharing

Very useful information,thanks friend

Thanks @ivanli . Because Bitcoin Cash is faster transaction does that mean that it is more opportunity for mistakes than reg bitcoind?

English is not your first language and you explain complex things better than any English speaker is know. Great job!! @ivanli


Bonjour @ivanli
Quel superbe article et très détaillé!
Merci pour votre bon article;)
Moi aussi je fais des articles sur le Bitcoin si sa t'intéresse ;)
Ravie de vous connaître :)
J'espère qu'on sera ami ^ _ ^
Bonne journée :-D

Thanks for the info!

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youre post are great thx for youre share

Cool video, thanks, see ya on Steemit

Thank you for the good information. K.J. Kookuberimach

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Great, thank you!

Very important article that all of us need to know. Thanks for sharing the information with us.

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thanks dude, exelent video

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