Bitcoin $10k, Suppoman, Never Trust Market Cap, EU Battle

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Bitcoin price has once again crossed 10k! Good Morning Crypto! Today we talk about Bitcoin $10k, Never Trust Market Cap, EU Battle.

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Ivan on Tech by Ivan Liljeqvist

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Let the bull run begin!. Steem 10$ before the end of March. Upvote if you agree.

I agree that overall market sentiment has changed and we are back in bull mode when and where this run will take us is anyones guess.

I'm not sure how much thought you've put into this statement, but it could actually be very likely that we will see a big market move starting around the 21st of March. So $10 steem by the end of March might actually be a lot more probable than you think.

I think btc will just keep going back up.. that will be good news for alt coins to..

upvoted. good comment

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only 98% guarantee? downvoted for lack of confidence

Cool refers, hope will fnd it working.

Thats really great amazing to see another big rally of btc will surely be amazed because I have btc at its highest value so want btc to reach that mark @ivanli nice sources of information thanks for sharing!!

my turn, my turn :P

Me too me too... does this work? I've always wondered...

Love the daily videos, you're one of the more objective and informative crypto content makers. Particularly interesting in this episode to consider how intellectual property/patent laws will interact w/ crypto in future.

Keep it coming Ivan!

your post got me a smile on my face @ivanli
thankyou for sharing

Upvoted always!
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well, the 2 profile pics really look similar man...

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Great content as usual, keep up the good gots my upvote 100% :)))

I did a post on bitcoin's future regarding mining...i like to see some of your thoughts and insights if one day all bitcoin mining stops, what would happen next?
Check out the post, comment, & give your thoughts:

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A dead mans switch might be a good idea to implement into smart contracts that can be made to release private keys in a multisig setting in the event of the passing of a relative holding crypto. With so many crypto's, I don't see a standard arising, so there will probably be lots of losses in the early years as this takes off. Steemit has the ability to recover accounts.

I don't see how patents can be enforced on bitcoin unless it's supplemental to core usage. Sounds like authority wasting a lot of money when the internet surpasses national jurisdictions.

hoping for a wee cheeky correction down to 8k then up the 15k =)

Yeah finally the day has come.
When it touched 6k I was like now it should go down to 3k so i could buy more. But anyway it is more better because I was holding my coins so when it reaches at 15k then i could buy MacBook. Now it seema in one or two months that would be possible

Great video! Followed!

Ivan my favorite person. He talks without biased. Love to see you in Steemit

Always nice to get your thoughts, appreciate it!

@ivanli Always take your things and deserve to follow up thank you

Finally I found a good morning show to watch with my black coffee.

No sugar no milk of course. 😂

Agree or not, Cryptos are the future. They are like Noah's boat, board while you can and you shall be safe. Everyone panicked when bitcoin was going down, but it was just a correction and correction is a process, not an event.

Good post ....useful post..because i am new here and i needed help ......

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I always support you

Great show Ivan - distance your self from the crypto scammers and snake oil salesman....

I bet with you..steem 10$ before the end of march..upvote me if you agree...
Because i already with you..

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Nice your post @ivanli

I think the only thing that is currently hindering the next bull phase in the market is the pending Tether scandal - which has the potential to be the ultimate scandal... Think about it, if it were to blow up, there would be waves of fear articles all over the media (similarly to what we saw last month), people would divest quickly and run to fiat gateways (Coinbase, Kraken, etc.) and, definitely, the reputation of crypto would be further severely impacted.

The current good news you post does indeed boost the market sentiment but to what extent? If the claimed (!!!) market manipulation is true, that would mean we are at a significant overvaluation. I am a firm believer in the technology and fundamental value of these projects, however, currently they are only that - projects. A severe market crash might not lead to people losing money, per se, (disclaimer: if you are not invested in crypto through leveraged CFD, that is) but it will lock your funds for a significant amount of time. What is your take on the whole Tether scandal?

Correction is over ! With ending of Chinese New year , Crypto Market will reach back to $830B within 3 months.

Best thing to do is buy early and get SOLID ICO bonuses. Make your portfolio market proof! Also great airdrops are profitable!

recommendations for solid icos that haven't happened yet, i missed wabi but still invested after the fact, i would like to diversify and spread some money out into solid icos

Cool post! We've gone through the rough, now for the ascending ride upwards to a new level of highs ;-)

thats a great news for the bitcion invester and thanks alot for the innormation and yeah never trust the cap market today its down nevr no tomorrow its on the peakk have u nice day!

i like your post......

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  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

you made my day man....😍😍😍 thanks a lot for the good news...😍✌👍

a very interesting post, can add insight, I really like it

We just have to be patient! Bitcoin is here to stay. When it goes down just make benefit from it by buying more instead of panicking and selling. Great day for bitcoin 16-2-18 now up till the 20k soon

Thanks for the information. i like it.

a good opinion....


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It should keep rising so my days will just keep getting better 😁😁. Thanks for sharing....

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I'm resteeming this very informative post , thanks for your efforts

@ivanli thats so informative article as i am new to crypto world your article will help many small and new investors like me who are waiting for someone who can guide them properly because its about their hard earned money.... Keep steeming @ivanli

hope the price continues to rise

and just like that it starts to slip.....

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I think Ivan`s "SmashTheLikeCoin" is one of the most underevaluated projects out there! #heyheyhey

This is not financial advice, this is just a satirical comment

could you change this annoying flickering banner here under your video?
it is really distracting and I do not want to watch this on full screen
And I do not think making something flicker really fast is going to make people follow you more

thanks to very good post friends, incredible information, as the economy improves, and increases in the income of the affluent, time becomes more valuable: every bitcoin hour is profitable for us.

@ivanili - excellent post regarding Bitcoin & cryptocurrency price-action. Whooo-whooo! Above 10k again, hope it goes to the moon. Just found your blog: upvoted - resteemed - followed! Keep up the great informative content. #Bitcoin #smartcash #steem... Courage!

Not sure why suppoman is getting so much hate?

Bitcoin is again on the move. Bitcoin is exciting because it shows how cheap it can be. Bitcoin is better than currency in that you don’t have to be physically in the same place and, of course, for large transactions, currency can get pretty inconvenient.

Don´t worry about the youtube drama, it is just some new names to add to our scammer list.

Market cap of most of the coins is inflated when compared to reality value, when you analyze a coin you should take the Market cap into consideration but its not that important or trustful.

UpVoted, great information

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I heard a rich dude bought some millions worth, lol.
May they buy more so my portfolio value rises😀

well bitcoin is leading all other coin i have not that much itrest in btc .. but still lets hope for good and everything becouse of korea

bitcoin is back on his way uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup ! :D

Supoman is a scammer check his udemy course and is ICO offering is Seele which is a scam too

I also believe

Fantastic article! I've followed and up-voted your post i look forward to your future content!

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Another great one. I always with you during my break at work :)

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Regarding Tether - I'm wondering why everyone seems to judge Tether based on whether each Tether in circulation is backed by an actual dollar. The US dollar value of any cryptocurrency is based on its circulating supply and the demand for the token, no?

With this in mind, does Tether not adjust its total supply based on the demand for Tether in order to keep the price of Tether at 1 USD - in effect tracking the US dollar?

How does being backed by physical US dollars affect this in any way? Even if people started massively selling off Tether, couldn't Tether developers "burn" excess supply to make it more scarce and keep the value at $1 regardless?

I was curious to know your response to this, Ivan. I welcome any other readers thoughts as well. Thanks.

This is just the beginning.

Bitcoin is on its way to $50k and even beyond.
Forward ever, backward never!!!

Cheers @ivanli

Just the start

Good video, its very informative and interesting to see how different people take a view of the markets.

Can anyone say that Bulls are on the run now. I got a good feeling about this for now. We may end up hitting some resistances but that shouldn't stop the markets from bulling more. User confidence has been restored since the correction so this is good signs.

I think what you are saying about the marketcap is really important. The marketcap isn't how much money is in a currency, all it is is the last trade price multiplied by the circulating supply.... People need to stop comparing a coins marketcap to the value of say google or Microsoft, that is not the same thing at all, and can't be used as a metric to determine if crypto is overvalued or not.

Ivan I love the black coffee too! Some really interesting topics here and it's great to see the beginnings of countries starting to compete to attract blockchain startups.

For most people in crypto privacy is seen as a desirable quality but I actually think it's great that STEEM is so open which makes statistics like the ones you showed available to all of us.

Ya...some expert says market cap is not giving all the fact of calculation..