#Lession: Invest in Bitcoin Now or Regret it like People Does in 2008

in bitcoin •  2 years ago 

Hello steemians ....

Once Again i am here with a very powerful topic in crypto especially for new bees. As I explained in the below video that there is no specific time to buy bitcoin if your are thinking of holding it for a long term.

I am not telling to invest all of your total capital income but 25 % of that will work fine. A smart Person is one who goes with the flow of Development and Technology.

As describe in the video Bitcoin is not even in market now. There are still lots of work has to be done in this area..

So if you are not buy it now just thinking its to high then you probably going to regret. Because from now the next stop is around $5000.

If you guys have any idea or concept to make you can do it by commenting below.

i hope you like it


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very informative content.........keep going dude @itmakesense