I found 30,000 Satoshi

in #bitcoin8 months ago

It's been a good week, seriously, it hasn't been like this for a long time:)

One curious case after another, but the main thing is that with a profit and it's nice!!!

Usually people find stashes in winter jackets, bags, and I'm on the Internet, in long-forgotten projects and on payment cards. She herself has seen the light in the last three days and brought out almost 30k once forgotten Satoshi. At the current rate, these are very good findings, you will agree:)

And it was like this. On Monday, I was working on a forum and was looking for a topic to answer. I went to the Games/HYIPs/Cranes section, and found a topic dedicated to the adbtc crane. I read it, remembered that two years ago I was collecting satoshi there and threw it, because I had just reached the minimum level, as it was raised twice and it was too long to collect.

Well, I think I'll come in and say my "fi", they say I was disappointed, the minimum amount for payment is large and it takes a long time to collect. I read the author's post and hung up, writes: "Withdrawal of funds from 5000 satoshi to the FausetPay wallet". I reread it again, because before, at least 30,000 could be withdrawn and only to a bitcoin address. There was no limit to the joy. Only the other day I told you here that I registered on a new tap and I withdraw coins to this purse.

I went to withdraw what was left, and this is not much less than 16,000 satoshi. So I found my first stash. And with the second one, it turned out even more interesting, I dug it up on Webmoney. It would seem that I use this payment card every week, regularly go to cash out and look through wallets. Where could the money - 13,500 satoshi-come from????

In general... I needed to link a wallet for bitcoin cash (BCH) on FausetPay to withdraw the coins accumulated on the tap. I went to Webmoney to create a wallet to get the address and write it down. I created, checked, and look in the Webmoney Transfer section under the WMX wallet (for the cue ball), the inscription lights up - "Transfer the balance" and the amount of 13,500 satoshi.

I didn't understand anything, from where, where... Well, I clicked transfer, I look at the account something dripped. And then it hit me. Back in 2017, when the first times I withdrew money from here, I did not know how to change anything on Webmoney and apparently clicked the wrong way. Instead of exchanging it, I put it in a safe for safekeeping. And so they lay there for three years:) Solokha damn, I'm sitting on the cue ball and I don't know:)

Thus, in 3 days, I found 29,500 satoshi. I was just going to go to the PO to cash out on the weekend, so consider it a nice bonus. These are the stories of painted blondes and humanitarians like me:) I can't get rid of myself:)

P.S. If I had taken out these 30k then, the cue ball was only $ 5000. I remembered it because the course was highlighted on the crane. Now it is 10 times higher, more than $ 50,000. It was necessary to lose another couple of years, when it reaches 100:) Look
at the taps, maybe something was lying around somewhere too:)