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If you haven't heard, the Ledger Nano S is having more troubles in paradise. A 15 year old has figured out way to get the private keys off a Ledger Nano S. This vulnerability was played down by Ledger and they claim it requires an extremely rare scenario of having the device before it was setup. The security researcher ( a 15 year old boy! ) shows this is not the case in a detailed breakdown.

I haven't tested it myself but with my dealings with Ledger so far I am convinced he is telling the truth and Ledger is playing it down.

Trezor isn't without their issues either, it wasn't long when their devices could be used to extract private keys to personal wallets. Something that should never be possible.

Kaspersky Lab, the company behind the most effective Anti-Virus consistently as documented by independent research organizations has announced their own hardware wallet.

The wallet is not available just yet, but it is in the announcement phase.

The Ballet has no screen where as the Securator has an LCD screen. Both devices have an optional yearly subscription to backup your keys in encrypted form off site.

The device also allows you to use a mobile phone with NFC and USB.

While I am a big fan of Eugene Kaspersky's products I might wait a little while before giving it full approval. I'll likely order one myself if they don't send me a few for free. It really can't be any worse than the current situation as it is.

You can check out the product page if you want more information or get on the announcement list. All screenshots are from the product page.


There really is no safe place for crypto right now.. :(

I too am a big fan of Kaspersky Lab! I have both the Nano and Trezor wallets and I have always felt they could be hacked. My real question is what if the creator had a back door to access all wallets? I look forward to the Kaspersky Lab wallet and look forward to your future post on this wallet. Awesome share! I have also resteemed this post to share with others.

yeah solid post. I did not know about this Kaspersky hardware wallet. Thanks for the post

D'oh, really love my Ledger. But this thing seems sweet, too. Love the OTG plug. And of course annually subscription bollocks, baeh, lame. Kaspersky style. But I guess safety has a price tag.

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I am a huge fan of the Trezor, but this looks cool. Nano is for shitcoins....💩💩💩

This is good information. I am on the lookout for the best solution currently using the TREZOR was looking to the Ledger Nano when this 15year of Briton showed me reasons not to. Like you said I would play around with this and wait for all issues to be fixed before using it. Thanks for the prompt information. It is certainly priced better than the rest. (As long as ship is not 3 times the price it a deal)

I have been putting some thought into this lately. As my crypto networth increases I start feeling less comfortable having my crypto in Ledger Nano S .. What I will do and would recommend others is, like always, diversifying the risk. Having your crypto networth split between all these 3 hardware wallets could really mitigate your losses in a worst case scenario where a wallet might get compromised. Safe investing :)

If you choose to split your holdings in different wallets use various brands as if a bug/virus wipesout one it can take out all.

I use the Ledger Nano S but recently switched to a paper wallet. Nothing wrong with the Ledger its a great device. I just decided I needed a long term storage solution ( > 15 years). My paper wallet doesn't need a USB port, doesn't need any firmware updates. I don't think my paper wallet risks being incompatible or obsolete in 15 years time also :-)

and if someone gets physical access to it, you lose everything.

Just like the Nano S it seems. I take my chances with a universal form of backup

To guard against flood or fire destruction of your paper wallet consider the cryptosteel for extra durability.

Yes this is what I will be getting also now. I can say in 15 years time I could pull it out and still use it. I can't say that about my Nano S which may fail to power up. I up voted you.

btw is this same product as ledger have on their website?

Yes Ledger and Trezor have had package deals including the Cryptosteel. You can also buy it separately and directly from Cryptosteel. I got mine directly. You also have much options.

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It looks interesting, it is good to know that there are new and safer options in the market.

Building a new hardware wallet is easy, but working with various projects to integrate all the individual wallets into it is not something easy to do.

What I like here is that a well known antivirus company is wading into this business. That speaks volumes of "legitimacy".

When antivirus companies get into it, they bring legitimacy to the cryptocurrency industry, John McAffee notwithstanding. I hope this works out.

Thanks for bringing the technical details to Steemit, too.

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I know this is a little off topic but what do you think about the use someone spoke of of a price feed bias being used by witnesses to bring down the value of sbd? Since you are a witness I thought I would ask your opinion.

@ipromote thanks for this post, i've been delaying buying a wallet especially since a 15 year old can hack the ledger, this seems like a perfect fit... and it can plug into a phone eeeeeeeeeeekkkkkk

At this stage we may as well just leave all our coins on Coinbase, at least it is insured there. Nowhere is safe!

Will be nice to have more options out there!

Wow! I am interested in this device. I would check out more information on the product page. Thank you

we can as well leave our account without passwords cause there os no more safety anywhere.

Great post...
Thank for sharing...

Thanks for sharing! I hadn't heard of this yet! Since I first purchased a Trezor and a Nano S, I have been looking forward to when hardware wallets would get less expensive. Although hardware wallets aren't 100% secure, they are pretty close and always getting better through discovering of vulnerabilities like this. Still the best method to secure your crypto for anyone who isn't an expert in computer security, even with Ledgers terrible response to this vulnerability.

I was shock about the hacking of Nano S. I am a huge of kaspersky, let you said. Lets wait a little longer.

I think sadly because of "russian hysteria" it's going to be hard to gain trust, but who knows maybe people will be open minded.

Great Post!

Kaspersky has been questioned over and over and investigated, every time they have proven they are one of the good guys.

It still requires physical access to the device to hack the firmware, for what that is worth.
Not sure I would trust my money to a company founded by former KGB.

Dear @ipromote

Thanks for this article. But I really think that those device are not good enough for your crypto and you need to do more research before using one.

Just keep in mind that Kapersky is a company known for their windows antivirus software. Nothing more. Like Norton or Symantec.

They are not specialized in crypto or in hardware.

The ledger wallet might not be perfect, but those Kapersky devices are far from good. I give my argumented advice and more details in my steemit post on this subject.


Best regards

Kaspersky is specialized in security, and their core product is AV but they do a lot more than that. They have one of the largest and most active security research teams on the planet. They were the first to offer anti-ransomware to unencrypted data.

They have likely dissected more malicious code than most if not all organizations and know how things are compromised.

To say they are inexperienced in encryption and cypto is very short-sighted.

Your arguments are not very convincing.

  • Needs Adapter
    Most hardware wallets use a cable...
  • No physical hole
  • "Classic" hardware
    Full details have not be released for obvious reasons
  • Might not work with iPhone unless you get premium version
    Highly doubt it would only support Android, and so what if you have to spend $99, it's still cheaper than alternatives or in the same price range. Current devices don't even support mobile.
  • Proprietary software
    I'm sure it will support 24 word recovery on any other hardware or software wallet.

It very well may turn out to be a piece of crap but your arguments don't convince me of that.

Thanks for your answer

I disagree with several points, but it's not important (and it's the beauty of sharing through internet !)

We will talk again when the final version of this product will be on the market !

Best regards

The Securator looks really cool, might have to invest in one!

Could be better than Ledger, could become worse, but in the snake oil industry Kapersky seems to be more legit than other shamans claiming to deliver security... Linux might be a better choice... for not being an expert myself, I say "might" :)

Kaspersky is no snake oil, it has been proven many times to be the best anti-virus on the market. Malware developers use it as a measuring stick to tell if their malware is good. They typically add malware within 1-2 hours of discovery, compared to other companies who are 12-96 hours on average.

in general you re right (I'd choose Kapersky too if I had a choice) but the way I see it, YOU yourself are the best internet security. NoScript addon is a good way for me.

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