This 24 Hours of Bitcoin Live Stream | Daily Technical Analysis Journal Feb 5/19

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This 24 Hours of Bitcoin Live Stream | Daily Technical Analysis Journal Feb 5/19

Hello and welcome to the Feb 5 edition of '24 Hours of Bitcoin', this live bitcoin trading analysis presented by, my name is Doug and I'll be your guide.

Bitcoin price remains on critical levels in what could be bottom formation supporting higher prices from here, or it could be a descending triangle that means a sharp drop in price may be looming.

Are live bitcoin prices showing us a sell signal in the down trend? Or are we looking at a buy signal at the bottom of bitcoin's 82% drop over the past 416 days?

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We will always start out with a long term view of bitcoin price, then zoom our way in. After reviewing yesterday's prediction against what actually happened, then we'll forecast bitcoin price in the next 24 hours - and that will wrap it up for this super-brief bitcoin trading live show.

I recommend you get your own free copy of the simple bitcoin trading plan and spreadsheet. I give them away for free.

Be sure you go and get it. Don't wait six months and then check it out and say to yourself 'shit' if only I had known this earlier - what a difference it would have made!!

Bitcoin prices are lining up for the very chart patterns I search for. There is no need for you to regret that you missed out on this - the training is free. Grab it. Then you won't be wondering what kind of profits you might have left on the table.

This point in time, in this bear market may be an opportunity on the golden platter - be an opportunity of a lifetime! if you are as determined as I am to make 2019 the best year yet - you're gonna have to take a little action - and once you make that choice, it should feel exciting, there should be anticipation!

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