Bitcoin Troubling Divergence | Daily RSI, OBV and MACD Technical Analysis | Thursday March 7 2019

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Daily RSI, OBV and MACD Technical Analysis

24 Hrs of Bitcoin Daily Technical Analysis LiveStream
How serious is the Troubling Divergence in the Bitcoin RSI for the short term price chart? Let us see if the OBV and MACD indicators back up this bearish signal

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The divergence in the Relative Strength Index seems to have been enough to stop the bears when we caught the bullish divergence last week - does this have the same significance? Where can we expect this price move to take Bitcoin?

We take a long term view, then zoom in to review the Bitcoin RSI, OBV and MACD indicators and see if they confirm the bulls or the bears. We'll close with a look at how bitcoin price compares to ETH, LTC and the rest of the alts.

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