IoT Chain and ARM China—Discussing the security of digital assets and the Internet of Things

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Recently, the ITC team held a joint technical discussion with ARM China, the world's largest IP provider and a leader in the hardware community. Teams from both sides researched and discussed the latest knowledge and industry trends in blockchain technology. Topics included security, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things.

(The ITC Team and representatives from ARM China at their Shanghai Office)

Three major security threats affecting IoT

In January 2018, the Okiru botnet targeted the ARC embedded processor, affecting billions of IoT devices worldwide. Also in the first half of this year, relentless SSH cracking attacks were conducted, affecting over 160 countries. As of July 2018, CNNVD (the national information security vulnerability database) contained 113,182 vulnerabilities. Security threats to the Internet of Things have quickly become a global issue.

IoT Chain and ARM China claim that current security threats to the Internet of things include:

· Communication attacks
· Software attacks
· Physical attacks

Based on the distributed data storage properties of transparency, trust, and immutability, blockchain technology has become an effective solution to common IoT issues.


According to the IoT Chain team, the value of digital assets determines the degree of protection.

One of the core values of the Internet of Things is data. A massive amount of real-time, dynamic data is recorded by tens of millions of sensors. This includes not only digital assets, but data assets, which are the cornerstone of the value in big data.

Through their blockchain-driven IoT solution, the ITC team focuses on IoT devices and data security, while returning data sovereignty to the users to protect their data and digital assets.

(Technical structure of the ARM TrustZone)

ARM, on the other hand, has their own digital asset security system. Their unique TrustZone* and TrustZone-M security technology provides IP protection, an IoT protocol, as well as password and asset protection for firmware. These features are ideal for an IoT application. ITC co-founder Lyu Xinhao believes cooperation with ARM China on a blockchain project is mutually beneficial for both teams.

In the future, IoT Chain will remain in touch with ARM China, conducting technical and industrial information exchanges with professional teams, and jointly exploring blockchain IoT solutions for various industries.

About ARM:

ARM, the world's leading semiconductor IP company, has more than 6,000 employees spanning 61 nationalities. They have shipped over 130 billion ARM-based chips to date, impacting 70% of the global population.


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wonderful, I really like the fact that IoTChain understands the importance of security in the internet of things. i hope they provide full security in their OS


Given the sheer scale of IOT it really is important to realize 1 small security issue could be earth shaking to a platform of that scale

This project is getting bigger by the day, lots of implementations, promotions and partnership deals happening, all at same time, i'm really excited about it


yeah, they are expanding on a regular basics i believe a lot will ensue in due time


That's how it's ought to me I'm glad I'm an investor seeing heading of this sort gives me good vibes.

Every time i look up you guys are announcing a new partnership this is definitely the way to corner the IOT market securing manufacturers and developers in the field as partners is going to be MASSIVE! Keep up the tempo


You're right, I've already read about 5 or 6 other partnerships like Shanghai Ximo Communication Technology, and now we find out about ARM China, it can be the most massive one.

I hope you guys land some kind of partnership with ARM especially that you are working on a chip


It will really be a great achievement to do so.. ARM and Iot chain will be good new for IoT.


Exactly, they more than 6000 employees which is really good. And they have shipped over 130 billion ARM-based chips to date.


Massive billion dollar company, it would be an incredible partnership or strategic cooperation.


Yep time will tell how closely they will be able to work with but getting huge companies like that to even acknoledge you is a huge milestone let alone partnering up :)


I am also hoping for the same. Let see how things goes between these two teams.

Does this mean that there might be a possible partnership on the way? ;)


Fingers crossed, I'm hoping they will have a good partnership which will help stabilise and gain more interest within the project


We Hoping that it turns out that way. Would be a nice thing


It will be nice if they chase more partnerships.


That's the confusion but as per their article and discussion look like the same.

If Iot Chain can do what they have set out to do, it will be a household name in the near future.


You're right, the industry is still at its infancy and the possibility of it growing in the nearest future is really high, in fact, some brands are already embracing the technology


Indeed, the IoT business is so big and with their experience and knowledge, ITC will be a very popular company in this area.


They would have indeed made history in the IoT sector of technology. And they will be well remembered for that


ITC team is doing every possible things to make this one a successuly platform. Look at their recent promotiosn and paertnerships as well as product developemtn

Discussion with ARM, a partnership with Schonell and good progress at project development front. ITC team is firing all cylenders

Always good when two leading companies talk about security. I hope it creates something in common to make the IoT safe