Upvoted. This is really something I have to repeat to my self all the time. I can't daytrade and I really should not. Nor do I have a time for it, nor do I want to be a day trader.

Hodl is just one of many strategies out there. If you did everything right you would have sold everything at ~ 4th Janurary and will buy yourself back in a few days.

HODL is not a bad strategy, but it is just a strategy. There is also the possibility to Hodl until you coin gains a value of 0

Wise words. How did you go the other day? Did you get back in at a lower price?

I did change my portfolio spreadsheet. In stead of comparing daily changes, it now tracks weekly prices. Makes life a lot less dificult in a bear market. Also it decreases the emotionals rollercoaster!

Yes, HODLing blindly is the best thing to do !!! At least for the next 6 months (and maybe BTFD if cash is available, but most of the people are already all in with what they can afford to lose imo ...)

excellent post. followed, upvoted and resteemed

Im tired of holding, I've been holding since BTC was $19,000.


be patient, the fundamentals haven't changed here, only people speculating and panic selling... Your patience will be rewarded !

you're so right on the fact that people need to hold. If you're going to put money on a pair, then a good analysis of the fundamentals of the crypto is highly suggested, by this way people can actually think more rational when high volatility arrives.

That's very true: gains typically aren't made overnight. You have to put in your own research to determine which coins are worth putting money into. I've compiled a small portfolio of five cryptocurrencies that I plan on hodling for the longer term (click here for the article!), and I'm looking into adding two or three more in the near-ish future.