When Will The Last Idiot Sell Crypto?

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The crypto market is still having trouble finding a floor. There are still a large number of neanderthals who bought at the top with money they couldn't afford to invest. This is typical of a mania, I'm just wondering how much cheaper you cavemen are going to make it for the smart money. If you are selling at a loss, then you are cementing it's existence. It's not real until you sell. I'll be waiting to buy up all your tokens at the bottom.

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Keep bustin out that good content man! Been following you on youtube and twitter 😎 💪🏼 🙌🏼 💯

SAd but I'm an idiot :)
But that was necessary :) I'm using STeemit to earn someone to fulfill my expenses, and that's all I'm doing right now, for that reason I had to sold some :)

you know what it always makes me happy when i comment first on your video :)

Don’t beat yourself up if you are using it to live on. I am talking about the mainstream investors who got in late and are leaving with losses. Steem on

Steem on!
Thank you for your kind reply @investing, Oh, yeah, These investors don't know what they are missing, the day will come and they will regret. I think maybe our fight with dip has ended, or maybe it will last for 1 or 2 months, and then the rally will start :)
Btw Thank you :)

In bear market one thing is guaranteed, everything gets extremely cheap to the point when people start to think “it might even go to zero” including EOS. Are we at that point? I have no idea, but most of us don’t either. We might be very close, All we can do is we can speculate and whenever we see opportunities, we can buy. I do believe the bottom is very close, that’s why I hold and buy even more. When it comes to these idiots who bought for what they couldn’t afford to loose, they should not buy at first place. However, they are making even bigger fulls of them selfs selling at this level.

Until we get rid of all weak hands as you call them “idiots” the crypto might go even lower. I have been saying this for the last several months. We might get this flash crash, then we finally get rid of the last seller. I suspect for it to happen very quickly since it would mean break of very significant support. If we get to this level of $5k I would use most of my cash I still have put aside and add to my portfolio. Recently I have been adding to my portfolio as well. I remember when you called the bottom, we are still around this level, but not much is happening. I just feel we still didn’t hit the bottom. Once I see huge spike in selling and then immediately huge spike in buying with record high volume, then I would start believing we finally hit the bottom. Right now no matter how great news we get, we still keep going lower. We must be patient, patience always pays off. Inpatient people are always losers. Cant wait for you to finally get those 2.5k followers, it will be exciting.

I have to go back out and work a Day Job for Minimum Wage @stokjockey

Only idiots sell their valuable cryptos. I just hold it and wait until the market rise. Patience is the main key to be successful in crypto platform. Maybe we have to wait a month sometimes a year but i believe crypto will never be down. It's down just for a while. It's the best time to invest more in cryptos. Happy investing♥giphy (3).gif

Idiots are selling their cryptos................ on the other hands there are fanatics like me.
I am trying to sell my old laptop and phone to raise some cash to buy more crypto. I have also gathered my coin and rare banknotes collection and I am also trying to sell them to buy even more crypto.

i am buying and holding along the dips but will not lose them even if they go more low than this

@investing The entire World is full of Monkeys and they are still getting shook out of the Trees.......................

hahahahaha Idiot? Oh yes you got it right man, those who don't believe in Crypto and who came to get some early profit, those are the one you are calling idiot man! Hopefully i'm not ;) how much token you wanna buy? :o all of them?

It has to be seen who are the idiots! Maybe the people now leaving are right and you are wrong. Have you thought abouth that? Maybe I am also an idiot for still holding crypto (And I am planning to hold on). Who knows? Lets wait 5-10 years and then we will see.

A lot of us feel like idiots for not selling 6 months ago!

Anyways I think most of us are in it to win it now.

When Moon!?

When Lambo!?


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It's definitely hard right now to keep up the positivity and optimism about the crypto market, but I'm fairly confident that in the long term we will see tons more upside in this space. I'm HODLing all the way, and as you mentioned I'll likely be buying while so many coins are so cheap right now!

Bitcoin is still going down. When will it up again?

You cracked me up with the apes ad neanderthals. Ok, I have to share with you now how I see people who aren't on the blockchain. https://steemit.com/crypto/@brightstar/i-don-t-think-people-understand-how-quickly-crypto-is-going-to-take-hold

I think, crypto markets are for long term investment where we should expect about only a small profit like double or triple in a year. If we think like that we will never loose our money.
What us your opinion?

It's expecting bitcoin to double and triple that got us in this situation in the first place. Too many people come in wanting the market to go nuts so they can make a quick buck. So the market goes nuts because of the influx of money.

The smart investors start taking their profits and the weak investors get scared at the smallest correction and jump ship. This makes the small dip a larger on which scares more people, etc, etc.

If we can keep the feeding frenzy at bay for a while we can probably see good steady sustainable growth.

Hodl long and strong

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Great work sir
You're right those who are selling icos are fool sir appreciated your work

Time will show everything :)

I think the last five months had no good effect on new investors. Many are disillusioned while the entire market appears to be severely depressed. If we all just held, we wouldn't even be talking about a bear market. I absolutely agree with you that those selling now are selling into the hands of smart investors i.e. VCs etc.

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