Very interesting resource: IT CONCERNS YOU -- If you use cryptocurrency.

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Meeting online has its advantages. ....but what if you wanted to see what's happening in a city near you?


1. First Question: Are you a crypto meetup and conference virgin?

  • Have you ever attended an in-person "real life" cryptocurrency meetup or conference? If not, why not?

2. Attending a cryptocurrency meetup or conference "and remaining private" is possible.

  • Some people don't want to appear on the inevitable youtube videos, social media "photos" that people take at these conferences. However, just driving by the event, or walking up to it, without actually going in... just to satisfy your curiosity of what these events "look like"...

  • How many people are there? What does the signage look like? Is there a non-official gathering afterwards?

  • How important is your identify if there are 300 other people there? -- What do you reveal? What do you not reveal?

  • Breaking your meetup or cryptocurrency virginity can be quite a big step, especially if you are are a privacy junkie like me... :)


When you ARE ready for a conference, where do you find one? How often do they happen?

Try this link:


So question to you, "if" you know the answer:

  • What was the last cryptocurrency conference or meetup at a city near you?

  • When is the next one?

Whether you go or not.... shouldn't you at least know which ones you might want to attend, or which ones you are purposely going to miss?

Take 5 minutes today and see which crypto meetups or conferences are coming up this month, or next month near your location. Even just to satisfy your curiosity and "be in the know" can feel good.

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I been to one and it was a very general meetup on crypto. The social interaction was okay but very interesting to know that there are more people than I thought who has buyin on crypto.


That is indeed the interesting part. People you might not expect, and the numbers you wouldn't expect. :)

If you know of any other solid resources (like or others, that feature cryptocurrency events, feel free to share them :)


Okay, you can check out Steemit in Nigeria organised by @ehiboss and its happening on October 31st to Nov. 4th

I use you can find more that meetings. Regards


Interesting resource! Thank you for sharing it!

Again thanks. Good find.