Antshares, July 24, Re-branding, OPPORTUNITY

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Antshares, Is it a buy now? Huge opportunity.


Antshares news:

  • NEO Seed Project and "NEO Blockchain-Landmark"
    Basically it will make "Antshares" to Neo, a more fortune 500 friendly name for investors

  • Reddit users up by 3000 in 2 weeks (Phenomenal)

  • Targets:

-NEO Website

-NEO Whitepaper

-NEO Client (PC, Web, APP)

-Exchange Update

-Community APPs Update

-Social Medias
So far they have achieved and met all their targets by due date

  • Antshares has held its own as far as markets are concerned.

  • Antshares Currently only trading on Bittrex, Very simple registration.
  • Once Antshares starts to trade on other exchanges we will possibly see huge interest like with other new coins.

Why am I buying Antshares?

  • All the above
  • I like the team
  • Its dirt cheap at the moment, Risk/Reward is great
  • I will admit that I follow a lot of you tubers on crypto and fiat, and a lot of them think its a good time to buy.

What are your thoughts on July 24?

Do you think it will tank? or Climb?

Long term? what do you think?

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So many people seem to think this coin will go to the moon. This should make everyone think carefully...


I agree, but also it will create a bull market for this coin>?


How do you feel about this comment?? I posted this at 5$ ...