Yeah, make sure to use smaller prefixes though, four or five letter words seem to work best.

Hmm, i saved it for later trying. Now i can't figure it out with normal one how to do checkouts on other tokens. And don't want to mess it now.
It is possible that they didn't sent but don't know where to check more... that's on ETH and on Bitcoin nobody response to wallet... how to be sure that i have it ok on windows and on phone...

I bookmarked it now.

I'm thinking to more posts regarding some things that i can't find on internet... wondering why? ;-) But will make soon some practical ones for wallets too.

Tks again.

L.E.: What about bitcoin url shortener... i'm kinda afraid to use it and haven't. I found at one paying machines from where i buy that they still have that option, to put just a name there with my address account... like here