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RE: 10 Months ago I invested $3,000 into Bitcoin Casino Bankrolls and recorded my returns weekly. Today it is worth $18,693!

in #bitcoin4 years ago

I'm only investing in bankroll for 2 months or so, I think.
But Crypto-Games has had significantly larger gains than any other casino for me.


The best thing with Crypto-Games is how well they manage the bankroll, so you are not very likely to have many negative weeks there.

They also accept a lot of alt coins. I actually asked the founders if they had plans on accepting Steem.... No response yet...

Wow sweet. I also noticed you took a lot of your funds off of Polo to your cold wallet, I already made a comment on your site, is it purely because of diversification or is it something to do with Polo too?

Ah that is you! Yeah I responded with:

"No, I also shit myself this month as Poloniex was constantly under a DDOS attack. Mt GOX alarm bells were going off in my head."

They have your private keys at the end of the day so it is very risky still...

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