Why I'm so bullish on bitcoin/crypto lately - Part 1

in bitcoin •  8 months ago

I finally got sick of sitting on my ass watching Tone Vays and his bearishness for entertainment, decided to finally make another crypto video myself(also while sitting on my ass). I went on for a good 50+ minutes, but luckily it was cut short because my micorphone turned itself off after about 15 minutes. There's not much here that hasn't already been posted lately on steemit. This is more of a summary of what I've noticed lately, primarily intended for potential new YouTube/steemit followers, rather than our existing following. However, it's a good sample of what we intend to provide more of to the community in the near future, at the very least.

I've yet to get a micrphone other than my xbox microphone, so I apologize for the bad sound and the abrupt ending. Sometime in the next few months I plan to upgrade everything and be a lot more active on YouTube.

-Tom (@MyEmpireOfShit)
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Haha Tone Vays so arrogant. I hope all the bears get flushed.

Hey man,

Just this post alone give you enough to get a new Mic :) invest what you got over all you dont lose any wealth and it will help you out :)


Unfortunately I paid for 90% of upvotes we get, and the other 10% are usually from brand new accounts with 15 SP. Until we get a big following, that's our only hope of showing up on the trending page. A new mic is coming anyway though :)

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Boom! Getting ready for a huge move as well!

I don't know much analysid but I can read the mood well in people. Its what helps me know crypto will succeed.

Nice video
Get a new mic, dear .

Thanks for your support @idcinc!

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