Still bullish on bitcoin, expecting a bounce real soon. Alts too...

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Long story short: Expecting a bounce around $7400, with a deeper correction to ~$6800-$7000 if $7350 is breached for more than a few minutes or so(edit: if "recent low around $7250 doesn't hold up" instead).

#Pinkcoin was unfortunately delisted from Poloniex, causing both the long-term and short-term harmonics to be violated(and a current price that's an absolute steal). #PIVX saw a nice ~30% impulse and a deep correction (~88.6%) of that leg, looking pretty good at the moment. I forgot to mention it during this take of this update, but I recently noticed a pretty good year-long bullish Gartley pattern on #Ethereum shortly following the ridiculous dip from $350 to $13(on coinbase) last year. Also, both EOS and Ontology have met my "optimal accumulation zone" targets that I set months ago, as can be seen by clicking the links and pressing play on the charts.

The video:

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