Bitcoin finally had a great week. Will altcoins finally turn bullish?

in bitcoin •  5 months ago


Above is the bullish crab formation I pointed out in my last steemit post.

I made a video today that talks about what's been going on in the BTCUSDLONGS and BTCUSDSHORTS charts and some of the harmonic patterns throughout the market. I talk about where I see it going in the short-term, depending on whether a particular trend line holds, for the most part. PIVX was finally in tradingview's news feed a day or two ago about zPIV being active on the mobile wallet now.

Here it is:

This video uses my 24/7 livestream layout( at the bottom, livecoinwatch at the top, data from bittrex via on the left). Find it at or

(now usually on both at simultaneously).

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