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many want to go into investing in crypto currency but for people in the western part of Africa or other part of the world that are not using Dollar, euros or even Japanese yarn will be finding it very difficult to get altcoin (ripple coin, ethereum, ethereum classic, Bytecoin, digibyte) and many more.
this post will in one way or other help you in doing that.
crypto currency has great future and for some persons to know me last year will know that for sure God has use this coins to turn me into millionaire over night like a dream.
as you will be following my post, I believe we will be educating our selves and I believe we will get along and make it to the top all together.
buying coin from an exchanger is as simply as A B C if and only if you know how to.
but I tell you that it can equally be as the hardest thing to do when you are new into buying on exchangers
the following are some available exchangers where bitcoin can be exchange into other coins:

  4. bitfinex. com
  6. bitstamp
    and many more. but as of today, I will be starting with poloniex exchanger as my number one and my favorite.
    poloniex exchanger is an American based exchanger according to what I have studied so far.
    for a start, u will need to have your bitcoin then go to to create an account as a new user and then a confirmation mail will be sent to the registered mail.
    after the confirmation of your mail, your account is ready to be use.
    after you login into the, you will have to go and click at the box on the left hand side of the screen (when using a mobile phone) then locate the deposits/withdrawal button..


please select carefully on the coin you want to deposit e.g btc= bitcoin, dgb=digibyte, Eth=ethereum, etc=etereum classic and many more.
when you click on the DEPOSIT/BUTTON,


it means you want to bring in that particular coin to poloniex and when you click on WITHDRAWAL BUTTON, it indicate that you want to take coin out of the exchanger (poloniex).



after the deposit, you will have to wait for some time for the coin to reach the poloniex exchanger.
note that this may take some time.
in my next point, I will be teaching on how to exchange coin on an exchange (still poloniex).


Looking forward to the next post ro

Educativing piece.I hope you are an active trader too.Am a crypto trader check me @detycoon for my post.Upvoted

I will like to learn more about this..... @Lexico12

08161120858 but only whatsapp

You have a new student. Thanks

U are welcome

So what is this all about ? Is it FX or that ?

Poloniex is simple not in a good shape right now, as there are hudge pending withdrawal. Many users are getting frustrated while others have given up. Though a newbie can successful signup and start trading, but they cannot be trusted at the moment. A friend of mine that use poloniex still have his fund stuck in for over two weeks now. The best to use now is bittrex. I recommend it to anyone planning on trading right now.

Why do people like saying what they did not know anything about..
See the way u are just condemning their exchanger and sincerely speaking is a lie from the pit of hell.
I have been using poloniex as well as bittrex u mentioned but why saying what u are not sure of?
I use poloniex every day and nothing like withdrawal issue there maybe ur friend never know how to use poloniex.
Tell him/her to PM me for more information

I too like Poloniex, i also use Bittrex and Yobit

So educative

Pls i can i get involved in coin trade?am eeally interested bt dnt knw wia to start from

08161120858 whatsapp me or better still telegram for more info on it

Add me to ur whatapp group pls 09097986071

I will like to get more and simple tutorial on how to use Poloneix.... @mackleak

No big deal..
It's very very easy to use

Wow!!!!! Nice one.

I Love This Idea Of Trading On Different Crypto Currency.

I Suggest You Share Your Contact Phone Number Here In This Wonderful Post For Easy Reach For Further Explanation.Thank You.


Very informative, thanks

Well said

Impressive buh permit me to add, your deposit address shouldn't be exposed this way, you should always hide a few characters, if not all #ProtectYourself

No body can do anything to you deposit id
It's your login I d that suppose to be kept secret from people.
Your payment or receiving I d is not secretive at all

Trust me, it should be kept secret...

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