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If you have been redirected on this page, then you may have a little to huge knowledge about cryptocurrency and bitcoin mining. Bitcoin mining is getting popular these days because of the high value of bitcoin. Currently, the value of 1 bitcoin ranges from 9500 USD to 14000 USD, and this is the main reason why people are getting interested in cloud mining services.

Mining Bitcoin with Gominer

Gominer offers multi mining or multi cryptocurrency cloud mining service where you can mine different coins at the same time which is very effective due to the fact that mining multiple coins will give you multiple rewards that leads to crypto volatility whenever the value of cryptocurrency dumps.

All payouts will be converted into bitcoin so you dont need to worry converting different coins into BTC.

How much can I invest?

You can invest a minimum amount of 10$ up to 10,000$ at max due the AMLA compliance, as long as there are tokens available, you can purchase how many tokens you want. The company is token based where the tokens are used for each services that they offer.

How much can I earn?

Your earnings depends on different factors, however, Purchasing tokens as early as possible will maximize your earnings. Why? Gominer has 7 token selling rounds, each round, the value of the token rises and the supply of the token decreases. So the best way to get maximum earnings is by getting the tokens at a cheaper price.

According on their calculator, you may earn up to 10% of your investment a day for straight 14 days, and on your 15th day and until your contract expires, your earnings are reduced to 3%. Why is it reduced from 10% to 3%? Gominer gives 14 days free electricity fee so the electricity fee will not be deducted on your earnings for 14 days.

So, if you invest 1000 USD, you will earn 100 USD a day for straight 14 days. In other words, if you invest 1000 USD you will recieve 1400 USD after 14 days. On the 15th day until your contract expires, you will earn 30 USD a day because you have to pay them 70 USD a day for the electricity fee.

Take note that the earnings may vary depending on the value of the coins being mined on the market.

Gominer and other Companies

Before anything else, We will first introduce Gominer and Hashflare to have better judgement. Then we will compare Gominer to their tightest competitor, Hashflare. 

Hashflare - The company has been established by hashcoins specialist and became a famous cloud mining company until today. The company use different ASIC miners for their cloud mining such as Bitmain, Bitfury, Inno3d and more. The company declared that they have a total of 2 million users as for today.

Gominer - The company has been established by a group of pioneer investors in cryptocurrency and became famous because of their unique ideas and wide variety of investment options. Gominer is a token based cloud mining company where you can use the tokens for their services. Most of their features and services are first in the cryptocurrency world such as Social Media Platform, Exchange platform, and being able to use their tokens to purchase products and services on their partner merchants. The company are using their own ASIC miner which is the GMX R1-C for their cloud mining service.

The Services

Hashflare - This company has only 1 investment option which is cloud mining service, however, You may choose which cryptocurrency you want to mine from their wide variety of list like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash and Dashcoin.

  • Bitcoin Cloud Mining - The company features multi-mining on their cloud mining service, meaning, you are going to mine different cryptocurrencies at the same time including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and more. Gominer is the first cloud mining services that feature multi-mining.
  • Staking - This is a form of investment where investors will gain a percentage of their income for a period of time. The company gives 2% investment return a day for straight 14 days.
  • Exchange - This platform is where token holders may list their tokens for their desired value and wait for a buyer to purchase their tokens.

Company Reputation

Gominer has been receiving a lot of good comments from different parts or the world and different parts of the internet, from trust review websites, ICO listings, Forums, Social Media websites such as Facebook, Reddit and Twitter due to their unique and extra-ordinary features together with the good services that they provide. 

A user named Bacar C. mentioned on a high ranking trust review website (sitejabber) stated:

“Unique” 8/5/19By visiting their website, i noticed that it is different from the ones that i have tried before because of the user interface and the community type website. I just saw on their post facebook and they are recieving a lot of good reviews so i had to check it. And BTW, can i earn without investing? do you have bounty?

Source: sitejabber.com

A user named Khalid Bachar stated on another high ranking trust review website (Trustpilot) mentioned:

4 star for now!
I gave them 4 stars at the moment because I'm impressed about the uniqueness of their website, putting a social media function in their website is a smart idea, users like me can interact with other users. They are on their pre-registration period at the moment and haven't experience their cloud mining yet, when i have, i will update my review. 

Source: Trustpilot.com

A user from facebook with the name of Matthew Smith said that:

i really recommend this site for being a user friendly and a customer friendly site, Customer Service is 24/7 and i feel safe because of that.

Source:  Gominer Facebook

Final Inputs

In my honest opinion, this company is a good choice of investment and i like the fact that their tokens have different usage and the company have multiple investment options.

  1. I can use the token to earn in cloud mining.
  2. If I want a passive and fixed income, i will invest it in Staking.
  3. If I have unused tokens, I will sell it for a great price on their Exchange after the last token selling round.
  4. I can use their tokens to buy products and services on other online store.

I am not related in any way from this company so don't get me wrong. All the words that i wrote on article is from my own research and my own comments. Thank you for reading!.

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