Top 5 Blockchain Stocks to follow in 2019

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The evolution of blockchain technology in the past few years have caught everyone off-guard. Big companies are relentlessly trying to evolve the technology and use it for improvement of not only their own processes but also for other sectors as well.

The key reasons behind the growth of blockchain, the underlying technology of bitcoin, is the immutability and transparency. These features have a huge impact on different sectors including finance, health, stocks and so on. The advantages are real as it enables companies to stop fraud, ensure data integration and provide value to both the organization and their end users.

In today’s article, we will be focusing on the companies that have invested immensely in blockchain technology, and helped it grow. There are currently 80 organizations that are working towards developing practical use cases related to blockchain technology, and according to the World Economic Forum, it will count for 10% Global GDP by the next ten years. The unparalleled growth also means that there are stocks that might interest you. If you are an investor, it is always a good idea to look out for the stocks that can grow in the coming future. So we’ve listed the top 5 blockchain stocks to follow in 2019.


  • Top 5 Blockchain Stocks to follow in 2019
  • IBM
  • Alibaba
  • Microsoft
  • Mastercard
  • Amazon
  • Conclusion

Top 5 Blockchain Stocks to follow in 2019



IBM is one of the leading technology companies out there. It is also one of the leading technology companies that are doing blockchain development. It’s listed as first place because it offers unique value to the users and as well as the investors.

As you might already know that IBM started its journey in 1911 as they worked on a plethora of different technologies. This means that they are leaders in innovation and have helped shape fields such as cloud computing, the internet of things, and of course blockchain.

So, what makes IBM so active in the blockchain industry? They are currently contributing/participating in 500+ blockchain projects. Not only that, 1500+ experts are currently supporting IBM’s blockchain solutions.

They are also known for their IBM Food Trust platform. They are working in parallel with Walmart to make the platform that will improve the food supply chain and ensure proper food safety. Other significant products that they have to offer includes “” and “CLSNet”. The first one aims to provide a blockchain-based platform for finance, whereas the second platform is a blockchain-based payment service.


Alibaba is one of the biggest companies in the world as they excel at eCommerce and technology. Clearly, it has the potential to take on the latest technologies including blockchain. When it comes to the blockchain, they are not far when it comes to leadership. They also have 90 patents related to the blockchain which makes them the number one company, beating IBM by just one patent as of September 2018.

Alibaba has already used blockchain to improve their internal systems including logistics. Their subsidiary Lynx International have already successfully implemented blockchain in their logistics section. Other real-life implementations include the use of blockchain to fight food adulteration and fight counterfeiting.

Ant Financial, their affiliate firm also launched remittance services. Moreover, like IBM, they are also started to extend their foothold in the blockchain-as-a-service sector.


Microsoft is yet another leading technology company that started their journey three decades ago. From there, they have established their tech dominance, starting from their Windows Operating System to the Azure cloud computing service. Microsoft is also well known for their involvement in blockchain as they provide blockchain services to its users. You can use their apps such as Office 365, Sharepoint Online and Outlook, all of them powered by their blockchain service.

They are also providing services to other companies including big organizations such as Their flagship service Azure Blockchain-as-a-service is being used by other big companies including AT&T and NASDAQ as they utilize their Azure-based blockchain. Overall, they provide excellent technical expertise and know-how when it comes to technologies such as cloud computing, big data, and even blockchain.

Microsoft is also one of the first companies to embrace blockchain when they launched their cloud-based blockchain solution in 2015. They are now actively participating in other projects including enabling their services to connect to other service providers.



Mastercard might be a surprising entry as they are a centralized entry. However, in truth, they are working hard in mastering the blockchain technology. They are smartly in pursuit to use blockchain technology in improving their system, including their intermediary solutions such as Mastercard Obsolete.

One of the most significant use-case for Mastercard is to use blockchain to remove frauds in credit and lending industries. They lost around $22.8 billion in 2016 alone. That’s significant enough for them to dive deep into blockchain and improve their platform.

Apart from that, they are also active in providing their solution to the world. They have released APIs for other companies and developers to utilize. This way, anyone can create their own blockchain related solutions and applications and take advantage of cutting-edge blockchain technology. In short, they are one of the leading blockchain stocks that you should follow in 2019.


Amazon’s presence in the eCommerce and cloud solution is unmatched. The giant company foothold in these two sectors is thanks to their receptiveness to technology. They’re at the forefront when it comes to innovation, and that’s why they are in our top 5 blockchain stocks to follow in 2019 list.

Their cloud-computing solution AWS is actively using blockchain and providing service to corporate consumers. By using their blockchain service, corporate consumers can easily create large blockchain platforms using easily accessible templates. Moreover, their services are easy to integrate thanks to the Amazon IT tools.

AWS Partner Network(APN) is providing their new service which offers new connections with companies using blockchain. Moreover, their use-cases enable blockchain’s use in different sectors including healthcare, field data management, supply chain, and so on.


This leads us to the end of our top 5 blockchain stocks to follow in 2019. However, before you decide to invest, we recommend doing more extensive research. Investment is always risky, and it is up to you to decide which stocks you are going to invest in.

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