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Hi everyone so todays in this article i will describe the features of Travelvee what is this about and how it works so let's get started.

What is Travelvee?

Travel a Revolutionary Reserving System the travel token is utility tokens basically it works on straight to the marketplace with regard to unoccupied areas, also decentralized neighborhood of people that select the privilege among interesting accommodates that purchase related with resort and also guest suppliers of sums, made simply through every one of them from their own request through people from the Travelvee framework: resorts, lodgings, chalets, villas, bungalows, gempling, homes concerning getways, hotels.


Travelvee team decided to burned all tokens which will be received within first 2 years form their customers. Principle capacity of the TRAVEL token is to pay the yearly membership expense for all supporters Travelvee which give convenience benefits in lodgings, other traveler goals and administrations on the Travelvee stage. Additionally, you can pay TRAVEL tokens to anybody, with earlier plans and Burning TRAVEL tokens as indicated by the expressed program will prompt a sharp decline in their number, and the developing interest for them to a different increment in their esteem.

Now we will see their token sale details also we will take a look of their roadmap and team.


Token Sale Details

Symbol: TRAVEL
Platform: Ethereum ERC - 20 Based
Decimal: 18
Price: 1$

All tokens that will not be sold and transferred to Bounty will be burned!



The one of a kind financial matters of the TRAVEL token is intended for super benefits for token holders. The evaluated increment in the cost of the TRAVEL token amid the initial 2 years will be at any rate 100%. How this outcome will be accomplished is portrayed in detail in the Whitepaper and the TRAVEL Token area. At the same time, we will always tie the price of our services to fiat money - now it is: 100 EUR for a small object per year, 200 EUR for an average facility and 300EUR for a large object per year, and the price of a token will be floating and will depend on the demand for tokens , which are necessary to pay for annual subscription services to hotels on the Travelvee platform.



So this is all for travelvee token I hope you find enough information if there is lack information don't forget to click the links below and ask their team to know more information regarding the project.










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