Cointiply: Bitcoin Faucet Review

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Hey everyone, so it’s been another week and I have another amazing bitcoin faucet to share with you.


So I have been playing around withCointiply for the past 5 days and have accumulated 0.00040119 BTC = USD $1.30. 🙂 Not bad at all!


Options to Earn



It’s simple, Once every 60 minutes you can roll and win coins. Your payout depends on what category your rolled number falls under. Roll a 99,999 and you win a jackpot of 100,000 coins!


But there’s more to just rolling and collecting coin. You can increase your payouts with the ‘Cointiplier’ feature.



“What does my Cointiplier mean?

Your Cointiplier rate determines how much you can earn per faucet claim. The higher your Cointiplier rate, the more you will earn from each faucet claim. The payouts listed beside the faucet are determined with your Cointiplier rate.

Everybody starts with a Cointipler rate of 1.5x. Your Cointiplier rate takes into account many different factors based on your activity and the rate is adjusted daily. Most members will see their Cointiplier remain close to 1.5x. Members who engage with more of our services will see their Cointiplier rise, allowing them to claim even more on our faucet! Members who only use the faucet may see their Cointiplier edge lower towards the base faucet claim.

Important: Please do not contact us regarding your Cointiplier rate unless there is an obvious bug. We cannot manually adjust your rate, it is determined automatically.

How can I increase my Cointiplier?

Our Cointiplier algorithm is proprietary, but there are many ways you can increase your Cointiplier. Be a loyal user, leave our webpage open, complete offerwalls, play our great video games, and refer active users! All of these things can help boost your Cointiplier, and we'll be adding more features to the site, too.”


Want to earn while watching videos? That’s exactly what this feature offers.


To earn, select a video category (there are many to choose from). The videos play automatically and in rotation. For every 3 videos you receive coins to your cointiply account. How much you earn this way is up to you. There is no limit.


Fill out surveys and earn anywhere from a couple coins to thousands of coins.



Wanna double, triple, maybe even quadruple your coin balance. Well place your bets over at the multiplier.


It’s a simple game. You place your bet and make a choice. If you get a pink crystal, you win whatever coin amount it’s worth. Now, you have the option to accept your win and end the game. Or, you can choose to continue and see if you will win even bigger coin amount. However, if you choose a black crystal, you lose your prize and the money you betted.


Mining Game

The title is as it suggests. It’s a neat game. However, I think it would take some time to build up enough mining buildings to actually start earning any coins on them.


I purchased the cheapest building with my coin earnings.



The building starts out mining at 100% efficiency but has a max of 200%. You can boost your building efficiency with gems. The gems are free to claim about once an hour.


Each building has its own set of levels. The levels determine the mining power of said building. You can raise your building’s level by clicking on the building and selecting ‘Upgrade’. The upgrade cost will be deducted from your coin balance.

Earn on ads

Here you can earn on viewing links for a specified time amount.


The time limit is displayed at the top of the website


Click the proper image in order to collect your coins. Now you can close the site and move on to the next one.


More ways to earn!


Browser Games

Great feature! Play any game you like, as much as you like, and you receive 35 coins for every time your activity bar reaches 100%. Once you reach 100% and receive your coins. The activity bar starts over again. No limit on how much you can earn.

CPU Mining

Nothing fancy here, just a basic cpu miner.


Referral Program

Earn more the more people sign up to cointiply through you. 25% of every referral’s faucet claims for life!


If you liked my review. Consider signing up through my referral link and earn a bonus 100 coins today


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