Why BITCOIN is not the answer to everything,,, but this idea may very well be…. Decentralized Autonomous Economy (DAE) aka The TRMS

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Cryptocurrency “purists” (BitCoin fenatics) are proclaiming to have the answer to all the worlds financial problems. Yet a closer analysis reveals that most all the current Alt Coins and BitCoin have not broken free of the old world paradigms that are aiding the demise of western civilization (aka “the Corporate World”).

BTC as Gold

On the surface, as has been reported many places, BTC appears to be very similar to Gold. Of course closer examination reveals BTC will be an even better store of value than Gold simply because it will stop being created one day. This satisfies a fundamental yet basic area of the current financial system. As an asset class, there are many things in this category: Platinum, Palladium, Gold, Silver. But one must admit that the existence of BTC does not inherently “create” a new asset class, no its an old asset class that is now updated to modern technology.

The Shortcomings of Alt Coins

Other cryptos, like VeChain, are offering new paradigms, but they apply specifically to a small category of the overall possibilities for cryptos. It would appear that the ONLY use case of Blockchain is the ICO market, Games, Gambling, and Exchange Trading. The only thing “NEW” of those is ICO, and we all know what a fiasco shit show that has been. Unfortunately it spreads it ugly reputation over other valid use cases, like the one mentioned above. This is bad for the whole Crypto Space and ALL of US ! And another obvious lacking is that ALL of these areas ONLY exist in “CyberSpace” and don’t affect physical things in the real world physical economy that we all live, eat and breath in.

Injustice of the Current System

Our current economic system consists of other parts, not just a “money” (which is a exchangeable, measure of account, and holder of value). It also has things like “LENDING” and “MONEY CREATION”. Now don’t go get all upset about creating money as the destroyer of everything. In fact the opposite is true, if the money supply does not grow with the veracity of the economy, then the economy will become stifled. This became apparent in the middle ages when overseas commerce could not expand for lack of the King’s Coin. This was when the first “free” creation of non-money “currency” happened. In England it took the form of the “Talley Stick”, one of which was later used to Incorporate the Bank of England. It became apparent at this time that creating unlimited currency leads to unlimited devaluation of the currency, a lesson that even current governments choose to ignore. The Rothschild Dynasty eventually took over banking and controlled money creation by the signature of the borrower (a promissory note). Today governments put meaningless “allowable percentages” on the “Fractional Reserve Lending Rate” the banks perpetrate on you. They require about a 10% “reserves” for a Loan. That means if you deposit $100 the bank will loan out $900 of money electronically created out of thin air, and then charge interest to use it. ROTFLMAO,,, what a scam they have everyone enslaved under.

Lessons of the Current Situation

So it would appear clear that a completely different system of money creation (in order to match the growth of the economy) is required to take the abusive control out of the hands of the Banksters. A look at history would reveal a couple attempts at this. The USA being one until 1932,1971 when respectively Gold was taken from the people and the Dollar (Federal Reserve Note since 1916) was taken off of the Gold Standard. And once before the USA in the Colonies when they first tried “Colonial Script” (the second time they tried they were at war and printed too much script). This first example of Colonial Script was a gleaming success. The Colonial governments would print as much Colonial Script as the economy had grown, then they spent it into the economy on public works, like roads. This allowed the colonies to BOOM and the King quickly got upset and required the colonies to use the King’s Coin, which of course lead to the Revolutionary War 1776, or so said Benjiman Franklin.

“We can’t defeat the existing system; we must build a better one instead” – David McElroy

“Build a New Model That Makes the Existing Model Obsolete” – Buckminster Fuller



Its just wrong that Banks or Governments get the benefit of money creation when the whole reason there is a need for more money is that PEOPLE worked HARD and created more GOODS in the marketplace. It becomes obvious that the BENEFICIARIES of MONEY CREATION should be those who actually create the NEW WEALTH that the new money is suppose to be backed by. Hence the Transitional Resource Monetary System’s design was created, will FAIRNESS as the highest priority, and with the added design goals of:

  1. It is the intention of this economic system to provide a stable currency backed by recyclable materials both in storage and in products within the economy.
  2. to promote the usage of recyclable materials and modular technologies as well as reusable products.
  3. to lessen the burden of labor costs on producers.
  4. to lessen the costs for natural resource extractors.
  5. to lessen the costs for building a home.
  6. to create such abundance that the perceived cost of things becomes insignificant.
  7. the elimination of corporations and Admiralty Law on the Land

In addition, because the created money goes to the product producer, this makes production costs LOWER than even current CORPORATIONS under the current system can enjoy. This should lead to the end of Corporate Advantage and Corporate destruction of the world and its resources because of their desire to create products with planned obsolescence and with no regard for recycling or our physical environment in general.

Please take some time to read the GitHub explanations in both the link below and the other file called “TRMSdescription.md”. Thank you for supporting and spreading the word and help with the programming if you can !!!


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