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FUD FUD FUD ... Why?

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what? NO,,,, DOWN with REGULATIONS !!!! @newageinv

People who see a "Downturn" or a "Bear Market" (as defined as a 20%+ drop in prices) just are not looking at the market correctly. That is not what has happened. If you were to look at cryptos from the perspective of the "UNBANKED" you find that they do not have the ability to "PULL OUT" of cryptos into Government Fiats (US$, Euro, Yaun, CHF, etc.). No no no,,, when us "unbanked" folks pull out of a crypto its either into ETH or BTC. This means that the only "RELEVANT" change is between a token/coin and the associated "pair" that you trade it against. I have NOT seen a 20% drop across the board of token/coins against ETH or BTC, they have only fluctuated against the counterfeit "false" Dollar that the "fake" media has everyone brainwashed is "real money",,,, when we all know "The People's Money" is Crypto!

One can keep their eye on the Total Market Cap of the crypto space and see that the "bubble" (LMAO - how can there be a bubble when less than 1% own any) had a market cap that almost trippled the recent lows..... that means 2/3 of investors (or their money) were just "speculators" or "short term" investors,,,,, these are not the important people and never will be, they are to be ignored,,, its the people with the vision that put their money where their mouth is and hodl for the long term (to the fruition of the projects and their improvements) say 3-5 years or maybe even 10. This is the development of the "Peoples Economy" for the new generation who rightly so are refusing to Pay for their Parent's Mortgaging of the new's future..... FREEDOM baby !!! FREEDOM !!

Personally I haven't had a bank account in over 10 yeas (as I refuse to participate with evil) and there is very little I can do as far as US $ and I don't care because I don't want to invest in or participate with that old and corrupt system.

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