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Robotop is a highly profitable investment platform that calls itself an “automated trading service”. The company is officially based in London. Its website contains a legal address, as well as links to official accounts on Twitter, Telegram, YouTube and Instagram.
Anyone can become a member of the program without any investment or stock trading skills. By participating in one of the Robotop deposit programs, you actually give your capital to the trust management of an artificial intellect that autonomously makes decisions based on market analysis.
According to the information on the site, the robot performs about 10 trades per day, providing a high level of return on investment. The terms for investment cases are presented below.

Offers for investors

At the moment, the website provides 3 tariff plans with the following terms:

  • Deposits from $ 25 to $ 499 at 2.5% per day for a period of 30 days. Return of the principle is at the end of the term.
  • Deposits from $ 500 to $ 5000 at 3% per day for a period of 35 days. Return of the principle is at the end of the term.
  • Deposits from $ 1,500 to $ 100,000 at 5% per day for 45 days. No principle refund.

You can make a deposit with PerfectMoney, BTC, LTC or ETH. All transactions are anonymous.

Referral program

The website has an advanced multi-level referral program. All referrers are divided by statuses which depend on the total amount of attracted deposits. At the moment the following terms are:

  • Rookie (total deposit 0-500 USD): 4%-1%;
  • Leader (deposit 501-1500 USD): 5%-1%-1%;
  • Manager (total deposit 1501-3500 USD): 6%-2%-1%;
  • Deputy Director (total deposit 3501-7500 USD): 7%-3%-2%;
  • Director (total deposit $ 7501-15000): 8%-4%-2%;
  • President (total deposit from 15001 USD): 9%-5%-3%.

By participating in the referral program, you will solve two problems at once. First, you’ll increase your income with referral bonuses. Second, you’ll extend the lifetime of the project. So there is no sense in ignoring the affiliate program. Moreover, you become a member of this program automatically after opening an account.

How to become an investor of Robotop?

Simply register on the website and make a deposit in a convenient currency. To complete the registration procedure, click "SIGN UP Robotop" on the website and fill out the form. That's all - now you will get stable dividends to your internal account. The main thing is to withdraw them on time.

Before registering and making a deposit, be sure to check the current Robotop status (paying or not paying) and reviews of real investors

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