Get Bitcoin For Viewing Websites

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What you can’t choose:
Decisions that were made for you in your childhood

What you can chose:
Friends & heroes
Who you date
Books, podcast, and music
Working out
How you spend your money
How you spend your time
Self education

Everyday the world becomes fatter, dumber & broker

Spending an hour a day:

Working out
Educating yourself
Working on a business / hustle

Use your other 21 hours avoiding doing anything that destroys what you’ve worked on

We were taught to think about making money like this:

$25 per hour x 40 hours a week = $1,000

I’m teaching you this:

100 ads x 50 satoshis = 5,000 satoshis

The average price for each ad is 75 satoshis

You can get 120 ads in a day

a minimum withdrawal of 35000 satoshis

I’ll teach you

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