Google Prohibits the application for extracting cryptocurrencies

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Google Play has blocked the possibility of extracting cryptocurrencies using mobile applications, following the footsteps of Apple. It is forbidden to publish applications that copy cryptocurrencies on devices, but applications for remote management of cryptocurrency digging are allowed.

Google's policies are similar to Apple's guidelines, which still allow mining if it is done in the cloud, but the extraction itself on Android devices is currently prohibited. There are many crypto-currency mining applications available in the Google Play store, i.e. MinerGate and Crypto Miner. Extensions for extracting cryptocurrencies were blocked in the Chrome Web Store earlier this year.

Google and bans within cryptocurrencies
According to an official Google statement from March this year, the company intended to block the display of all ads related to cryptocurrencies, ICOs and even portfolios for cryptocurrencies. The statement came out a few days after some advertisers using Google Adwords to promote cryptocurrency related companies reported a decrease in the number of ad impressions. Some users have published information about the suspension of both their ads and their accounts.

The ban on using the crypto-currency extraction application in the Google Play store is due to Google's blockade on cryptographic extensions in the Chrome Web Store, following the rise of miners in the CoinHive browser. Google blocked them immediately after finding that 90 percent of extensions did not inform users about their mining functionality. Changes to Google Play policies were first detected by the Android team.

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