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The website used for mining in this video is:

First, create an account on NiceHash, and then go to the bottom of the page and choose the CPU GPU mining option. Then hit download NiceHash miner. It will then ask if you want to download the AMD or Nvidia software. If you plan on mining with your GPU, download the one that matches your GPU type (you can find it in device manager under display adapters). If you don't plan on GPU mining, download either one.

Once it is downloaded, install the program. Then when it opens, hit wallet and either put in your NiceHash user id to deposit to your NiceHash Bitcoin wallet, or at the bottom you can select to put in an external wallet.

After you input your wallet, you can just hit start mining. This will benchmark your GPU, and hopefully your CPU. This can take up to 15 minutes, so just be patient.

When it is finished, you should be bitcoin mining. Go into the mining statistics and check if your CPU is enabled. If it is, then you are good to go. If it is not, or you want to turn off your GPU, then you will have to go into the advanced settings. Go to configure, advanced, and then open the config file. This will bring you to a folder that contains the configuration files for the miner.

You will need to edit the General.json file. Open it with a text editor, and then scroll down to the section where you see your CPU and GPU. If the CPU has Enabled = False, then change that to a true to activate it. If you want to disable the GPU, change the true by it to a false.

You can then save the file, and will have to restart NiceHash for the changes to take affect.

It will need to run the benchmark again when you hit start mining for the CPU, but then should mine using your CPU.

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You will need a fully dedicated computer to mine cryptos. It will be a slow and gradual process, and plenty of patience is required.


I actually mine on my desktop and laptop, generally they are very usable for things like word documents and web surfing while mining. I only turn the mining off when I am doing something like video editing or AutoCAD