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Bitcoin is in the bull run? yes I believe this and I have discussed it in last two posts: Bitcoin Bull run again? and Bitcoin's next week candle

well, if BTC goes up, alt coins rocket, sometimes with a lag which is mostly called Alt season or ALT PARTY.

I prefer to manage my assets in a portfolio of few chosen coins including Bitcoin and some altcoins, instead of go all in bitcoin first and then try to catch the alt run wave. so, what are my altcoin selection?

Ethereum, ADA (Cardano), MATIC and LINK are definitely among them, FET (fetch.ai) and some other projects are also there. in this post I want to explain why LINK and FET are my two options.



this is FETETH which shows a supply zone very likely to get there.


and in this weekly chart of FETUSDT, any drop to blue lines (most likely the one which I have marked 3 in white font) as the demand area, has the potential for breaking away from the supply zone above, which is already used (penetrated)

my target price for FET is $2 and there is a tricky way for that calculation. tell me if you get it ;)

about LINK (ChainLink)


there is a high probability for LINK to form a hidden divergence in Weekly timeframe after the current correction wave completed. in this case, next target based on the supply zones in the same time frame is $25.5

I have sold my spot holding of LINK and I'm looking forward to buy back around the demand zones in the picture (but there are in 4h time frame) my favorite one is $14.3

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