disappointment in Crypto-sphere

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Yes, we all knew there are two different possibility: up or down!
and every wise trader would admit that the probability of a downtrend was more than the hype of hope and fantasy...

I admit I had the wrong forecast on BITCOIN's trend, as I was thinking BTC will hover around the strong support level of $6200 and finally will get back on an uptrend to finish the 2018 in a different way, but it didn't happen.

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Now we can see $4000 levels.

But what will happen? is Crypto dying or getting disappeared?

My answer is No. a strong NO!
wherever the prices go, many may profit or lose money, but the new era in financial revolution won't be stopped. many industries have already adopted use of blockchain in their business and crypto is not different to other children, blockchain have!

The blockchain brought us a new method of interactions and networking. and if you look at the latest trends of technology in last two decades, decentralization has always been a core concept. look at Youtube, Facebook, Blogger, Reddit, Wikipedia etc.

So I see no reason for such worries about the whole concept of Crypto to be wiped out.

What we have to do is to remain rational on our hodling positions and try to make more out of what we have.


We just have to wait for the rest of the world to catch up. It'll take a while. :)

7 billion more!

Great! Clear and without bullshit.. just the really. I like that! remain rational and learn moment to moment. Actually this is no the first and will not be the last time that it's happen.

thank you 😉

Bull market is coming on 2019. Just Wait.

that's a probability 🤞

100% agree on that. And I want to add this: Don't waster your time fighting each other about things like BCH or other drama in Crypto. Its not worth it. We should build the community, help and educate each other. The more people know why Bitcoin and decentralization matters the better it is. Devide and conquer: the strategy of the few. Keep this in mind and be constructive, use your energy to do positiv things. Dont use it for hate and fighting about "whats the best investment" or "this coin is a scam" or things like that. Better educate people to recognize scam and how to invest in good projects. Start your own blog, build a node, develop etc. Now, in times when prices are down, create value by your self. Dont focus only on prices. There are endless opportunities.

Get started now!

great enthusiasm 👍✌👏👏👏 i liked it. good luck and please keep in touch buddy

Efectivamente, el alza de las crypto tomara tiempo es por ello que la paciencia en ello es muy importante para los que tienen Cryptos

paciencia mi amigo 👍🤞

No worries at all! :-) Cryptoworld has been 'till now, into a lot of hard times and situations, but it has always survived! :-)

Sure, blockchain is working out, but Bitcoin?

My mantra: If it's digital, "they" can control it. Insert dark theory about what investing in Bitcoin really represents.

liked your mantra 😉

btc is low this moth as result of bitcoin cash fork but I believe is momentary

thanks, but I believe there would be more drop

well I will be glad if that happen meaning I will be able to buy some btc at low price

good luck, don't rush 😉🤞

Soon BTC is going hit a mark near $4500 and stay there for a while, if this happens its a golden period for us to fill our bags.

Though cryptocurrency is having a rough time right now this update https://twitter.com/KuCoinUpdates/status/1064474294275719170 will keep your disappointment away.

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Up up up in 2019 🤙🏼👽

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