Bitfair ICO Review - up to 1000x leverage on all your favorite crypto! 40% Now!

in bitcoin •  3 months ago

Bitfair is building the leading leverage token and crypto exchange.


Sign up for Bitfair now! 40% Bonus!

  1. up to 10x as much leverage as the leading competitor
  2. your crypto predictions will be rewarded with up to 1000x gains on your original direction
  3. Although set for release in 2020, they're hitting their advertised roadmap targets to date
  4. it'll be a p2p derivatives platform

PRODUCT - 9/10
Bitfair's main offering is an OTC derivatives platform. Derivatives like futures, options, and etc. have long been in existence in the traditional finance world. and current players in the market are allowing derivatives trading - but not with the sheer number of trading pairs and liquidity that Bitfair will allow. According to their site: "The Exchange will provide traders with the ability to open orders for the top 100 altcoins as liquidity increases." There will be no trade limits other than margin requirements, and we're lead to think that their liquidity strategy is based on the total value oft the account.

MARKET - 9.5/10
Unlike Bitmex, the leading competitor, Bitfair will allow trading on far more many pairs, at higher leverage and also allows the security of knowing your orders are treated on a per-account basis vs. a per-order basis. Bitmex currently has some of the highest BTC/USD volumes of any exchange - and Bitcoin oracles flock there to avail of 100x leverage, but if a particular order differs in the trader's opinion by a small amount, on a per-order basis, it's liquidated. By contrast, Bitfair will allow you to leverage against the total balance left in the account - a huge advantage.

PEOPLE - 7.5/10
The founders hail from South Africa, and have been helping the unbanked bank with crypto for years. They've also been heavily involved in other ICO projects, like Bitcoin Origin: where they've had significant success standardizing different chains through forking them and governing them. They're dedicated to crypto's success and have been helping the space grow.

The team has significant applicable experience building exchanges and in fintech. They've done projects together before, which is huge because it proves they already have their interactions and synergies in place - a tried, proven and true group!

ROADMAP - 7/10
Their roadmap has achievable goals and the ones they've achieved are monumental. It might be a long wait until 2020 to see the full product launched for some, but they have smaller, easier steps along the way that add value to token holders.


According to the press release (and thanks to @steemcleaners for pointing out my near-miss without quoting the source of this copypaste!):

"Presale July 9th

Round 1 - Min $25,000 for 75% bonus

Round 2 - Min $10,000 for 50% bonus

Round 3 - 40% bonus

Round 4 - 30% bonus

A purchase of $10,000 or more XFB during rounds 3 and 4 of the presale event will receive an additional 10% bonus allocation.

The presale began on July 9; the main token sale will run later in 2018. Users may purchase up to 720 million tokens, and only 1.2 billion XBF tokens will be distributed; XBF tokens will later launch on the Bitfair Exchange at a price of $0.05 per token."

HYPE - 7/10
Bitfair has 13k members on Telegram, and some fair reviews from sites from ICO Bench. They have an ongoing airdrop and are giving out hundreds of tokens to each individual who passes certain steps. They've outsourced engagement to a third party firm that has reputation and the admins are responsive, knowledgeable and fun to chat with.

Bitfair is poised to conquer a very specific (huge) market, from those traders who have a +50% Win/Loss and want to maximize returns. Their token holders will see utility and a rising price over the longer term.

Sign up for Bitfair now! 40% Bonus!


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I just scanned over this quick, will they be doing an airdrop? This article would like better (from an aesthetic point of view) if you had some pictures. Pictures of anything really. All text makes it a bit boring, just my two cents. :)


Whoops! Bit of an oversight haha.

Yeah they're currently doing airdrops for completing certain objectives (join TG, follow Twitter). The biggest airdrop reward is for completing KYC.


Cool will have a look.


Lol I can win a trip to my own country.



Maybe I'll win and we can share a coffee :)


Sure! Cool idea. I'm in Cape Town. It seems like this site is by a South African company if I look at one of the names of the staff on the website. Where did you find out about them?


I follow some engagement firms and take note of the clients they take on. It's true these guys are South African, they have another successful Blockchain project called Bitcoin Origin

great to hear that another exchange comes with leverage, however leverage is good also and bad also , when you get you get big profit and when you face loss you face big loss , same like bitmex


Yes, it's true there's more risk with leverage. Forex brokers have been offering 1000x+ leverage for decades (or longer) so it's nice to see crypto catching up.

Only trade what you can afford to lose!


Yes it is the exprienced guide..

I'd recommend taking the time to learn how to create good quality content before sending your next article to trending. This is pretty average.

And you probably should mention that you're using referral links there.

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High leverage is also an advantage, but accompanying it is a huge risk.

nice post bro


actually it is pretty bland and for some reason this just scream bitconnect to me. Seems scammy

@hodlorbust what is the maximum supply Bitfair?

@hodlorbust the Project is looking good.I will signup

Can always count on Steemit to have a boring crypto article under the 'HOT' category, and for it to be voted up past $100. What a circle jerk site this is.


This article isn't an example of a circle jerk.

You're right that this article doesn't deserve the reward attached to it, but it's all paid votes. So the author has simply paid their way to trending.

It's shit that people can do this for content, regardless of quality, but this isn't a circle jerk.

Circle jerks definitely exist though.

Any leverage above x25 is capitals suicide

Looks interesting!

Nice, looking towards this.

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Is that ICO an ERC-20 token?

great opportunity to invest in crypto exchange tokens

cool..but its it batman is better ??

how much we can with airdrop ?

There are other exchange like bitmax is present so why we need this?

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I have a big issue with financial instruments as I feel they take away the reality leaving only numbers.
Also, look what leverage etc. did with the "traditional" finances 🙃

The adrenaline shot for the economy is enormous but there is a price which usually the lower classes have to pay in taxes and poverty

What about airdrop

Wow, great information! Now, I have a question, what is the use of registering with Bitfair?

I invite you to go through my blog, vote and comment on my publications, you would help me a lot!
Thanks greetings

Their underlying coin offering as yet progressing (may I include, with a 45% reward still accessible, in spite of the reality their whitepaper negates that this reward should at present be as high at the present time). Their phony site can be found at

They guarantee they will change the avionics business with the creation of this new digital currency, which is obviously as of now being used by various workplaces in the center east. On advance examination, I have presumed that Bitair and everything identified with them is totally phony and it is a trick - remain away!

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maybe I should give this a try :O