How to get your private keys from a Blockchain wallet account

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As you might already know, on August 1, Bitcoin might split into 2 separate currencies, due to a possible Hard Fork. The good thing though is that even in the case of a split, you would have both versions of your bitcoins, given that you possess all the corresponding public and private keys. However, if you have put your bitcoins in a web wallet, such as, you don't have direct access to your private keys, and if you don't take any action to get those keys, you put yourself in danger of losing one version of your bitcoins in case of a split.

To avoid that dangerous situation, I will show here how to get all your public and private keys from your wallet. So, for getting them, do the following steps.

  1. After logging into your Blockchain wallet, go to >settings>security>Wallet Recovery Phrase.
  2. Click >Backup Phrase and follow the instructions, making sure you have the 12 words (which are given in a few screens) noted/copied.
  3. Now, go to and download the whole folder as a zip file, using the "Clone or download" button. After disconnecting your internet (for security reasons), unzip that folder, and open bip39-standalone.html from that folder, in a web browser.
  4. Type the 12 words phrase in the BIP39 Mnemonic field on that page with spaces. Now, if you scroll down, you would see all the addresses, public and private keys, which is all that you need.

With all the necessary public and private keys in your hands, you can then relax and enjoy both versions of your bitcoins in case of a split :)!

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Exactly what i needed to know thankyou. Upvoted, followed and resteemed

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nice post @hmushtaq and welcome to steemit.