You can't Break Fungibility and Privacy.

in bitcoin •  2 months ago 


"Tainted coins are very destructive. If you break fungibility and privacy, you break the currency."

By Andreas Antonopoulos

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Couldn't have said it better, people should reflect on this this period of trying times in the market and basically reflect the token they're holding

Reminds me of what happened with the Ether ETH/ETC fork. I like the idea of keeping the blockchain immutable, but it seems ETH has won that battle. Liquidity and fungibility should be at the top of the important list for cryptocurrencies imo

Tis very true.

But what do we do about thieves?
Well, the only thing that really works is make sure they never get your money in the first place.

In this internet, can look up everything, era, why do scams still work?

People are naive and think they are safe. Even I admit that my security skills are subpar but they are leagues ahead of the masses.

That's on spot !!! Rightly said